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Annie Macaulay biography – Age, Carer, Educational background, Movies, State

Annie Macaulay biography – Age, Carer, Educational background, Movies, State

Early Life and Background

Annie Idibia formally known as Annie Macaulay is a well-known Nigerian actress, Model, Presenter, entrepreneur and the wife of a famous Nigerian Legendary 2Baba (2Face Idibia). She was born on the 13th of November, 1984(34 years) in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria, alongside her family though hail from Eket in Akwa Ibom State. She is the only daughter among four children; comprising of two elder brothers and one younger brother.

Annie was born in a comfortable lifestyle but lost that cause of her parents’ divorce. After the completion of her primary and secondary school education at the age of 15, Annie lost her younger brother to tuberculosis.

After her parents divorced, Annie and her siblings moved to Lagos with their mother who got a job at mobile to work as a cook in other to take care of her family, later they moved from Jakande Estate to Thomas Estate in Lekkis Lagos State, Nigeria. Before Annie secured admission to a higher institution, she is a considerate daughter decided to work for some time in order to help her mother keep the family on its feet as the breadwinner of the family.

As a salesperson, she worked for KC Jabari and Dakova even as was schooling at Lagos State University (LASU), where she got a degree in computer science and Theatre Arts after completing undergraduate courses at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).
Annie Idibia is an exemplary sister and daughter as she still keeps in touch with her family including her father having reconciled with him after much persuasion from her mother, now the daughter and father relationship is intact.


Before her acting skills came into limelight, Annie took on any modeling jobs that came her way receiving from N2, 000 to N5, 000 in fees, but this did not let her guts down instead she looked the world eyeball to eyeball.

Annie Idibia was placed as the runner-up when she contested at the “Queen of All Nations Beauty Pageant” and after she was featured in her then boyfriend now husband Innocent Idibia “African Queen” music video in 2014 alongside with Yvonne Jegede. Currently, the video has more than 7 million views on YouTube.

In 2009, Annie Idibia enrolled in Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) and her acting skill came into brightness after her role in the movies, “Pleasure and Crime” and “Blackberry Babes”.
Since then, she has featured in more than 10 movies in four years. Though her acting career is shorter than that of most famous Nollywood actress, it did not stop her from being successful. She was nominated for the best-supporting actress at the Best of Nollywood Awards in 2009 and won the Fast Rising Actress Prize at the 2016 African Entertainment Legend Awards.
Her featured movies include:

First Family
Pleasure and Crime
White Chapel
Blackberry Babes
Return of Blackberry Babes
Estate Runs
Obiageli The S3x Machine
Morning After Dark
Beautiful Moster

Annie has featured in various movies since her acting career started and now she owns her hairline “BeOlive” wig and hair extension company, and she has her own line of fake cruelty-free eyelashes ‘Lashed by Annie Idibia’. Also, she owns a hair salon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Annie is not just a successful entrepreneur; Annie has founded a non-profit organization called Annie Idibia Care Foundation. With the sole aim of helping and training young women prepare for adult life and to teach them how to be a responsible and active citizen. Further to her achievements, she signed an endorsement deal with Slim Tea Global (a line of slimming teas).

Marital Life

Annie met her husband Innocent Idibia (2face) in 1999 and they began to date in the year 2002. Their relationship was unstable because of 2face’s cheating scandals. There were times when their weakness took more in their life but the special bond they shared, the tolerance and patience she had and the love they have for each other took them to the alter.

Annie’s success also went far as being a good wife and mother to her pretty two daughters: Isabella Idibia (born in December 2008) and Olivia Idibia (born in January 3rd 2014), She also serves as a stepmother to her husband’s 5 other children: Zion Idibia (born in January 2006), Nino Idibia (born in April 2008), Rose Idibia, Justin Idibia and a son whose name is unknown (born in April 2012).

These children came from two other women her husband had dated before finally proposing to Annie. Three kinds with Pedro and two kinds with Sunbo Ajaba who is now married to the General Overseer of Royal Christian Centre, Pastor Davide Olatunde Adeoye.
Back in March 2017, there was a rumor followed with alarming photos that Annie was pregnant with the third child but, the young star disapproved those rumors.

Annie Idibia Instagram page is @annieidibia1, where she has almost 2 million followers.

Annie is a very vibrant, active young woman, who is passionate, full of energy and love, dedicated to her career. She is so wonderful on and behind the screen. May her light continue to shine forth; we wish her greater heights.

Annie Idibia is estimated to have a current net worth of $ 600,000 USD. Feb 5, 2019

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Mercy Aigbe Biography: Life Story, Family, Educational Background, Career

Mercy Aigbe Biography: Life Story, Family, Educational Background, Career

Mercy Aigbe a beautiful Nigerian movie star, Director, Businesswoman and one of the most stylish actresses in Nollywood. She is the second born of five children, born on the 1st January 1978, from Edo State, Nigeria.

Mercy is not just among the most beautiful actresses in Nollywood, but her charming and alluring nature can throw a person off balance and has been traced back to her origin as it is known that women from Edo State are really endowed with a unique and gorgeous look.

Though born and breed in Edo State but most of her early stage of life was at Lagos State, where she finished her secondary school education at the Maryland Comprehensive College in Ikeja, before securing an admission at the Polytechnic of Ibadan, Oyo State, where she did her Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Financial studies.

Mercy’s aspiration was to become an actress but her father disapproved of it, even though she was good at acting cause while in secondary school, Mercy acted alongside her classmates at different school events for being a member of the drama group. But her father insisted that she becomes an accountant because of her excellent knowledge in Math and other subjects, he felt and believed that women who venture into acting as a career cannot make a good wife or have the ability to run a stable home.

This was really a tough challenge to her in achieving her dreams but nevertheless, she held on strong to her decision, determined and stood firmly on what she wants and this attributes left her father with no other option but to give in to her in fulfilling her dream of being an actress.

Afterward, in 2001 she went on, to get a degree in Theatre Arts at the University of Lagos State. Mercy still wanting to be a good daughter took on a well-paid marketing job at a bank after her graduation but resigned after approval from her father.

Few years after, she ventured fully in acting as a career in 2006 and has featured in more than 100 movies.

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Patience Ozokwor Biography, – Age, Daughter, Children, Adopted Children, Husband, and Movie


Patience Ozokwor Biography, – Age, Daughter, Children, Adopted Children, Husband, and Movies

Patience Ozokwor Biography

Patience Ozokwor is a Nigerian actress prominently known as Mama G. She was conceived on March 25th, 1958 in the town of Amaobo, Ngwo, Enugu State, Nigeria. She went to Abimbola Gibson Memorial School in Lagos.
She won the Best Supporting Actress grant at the tenth Africa Movie Academy Awards. Ozokwor was among 100 Nigerians respected by the administration to commend the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates in 1914.
At the point when gotten some information about her jobs, Ozokwor stated: “When I assume the job of a terrible lady, I see myself at that occurrence as a mirror through which I need society to see and welcome the way that it does not regard be awful. This is the reason I do it with so much enthusiasm that it turns out to be relatively authentic and by expansion, I additionally observe such jobs as a chance to a clergyman to lost and mischievous spirits that desire, disdain, jealousy and every one of the preferences can just convey one to ruins.”
She was conceived on March 25th, 1958 in Ngwo, Nigeria. She is 59 years of age starting at 2018.
Her solitary natural little girl is Chioma Nnenna Lameya Ozokwor. The little girl wedded her heartthrob Chielozona Ugwu Ani in Enugu, Nigeria.
She has three natural kids and embraced five other youngsters who bear her name. Her first child is a designer while her last conceived is an expert soccer player with Rangers International football club in Enugu.
She embraced five kids.
Her significant other passed on in the year 2000.
Tonto Dike’s mom passed away when she was matured three. She was the third resulting from five, yet years after the fact, her dad remarried and got two more kids. As she was growing up, life was difficult for Tonto, yet she endeavored to guarantee that she turned into a prominent Nigerian big name. In this way in light of the life stories of Patience and Tonto, it is clear that they are not identified with one another by any means.
As indicated by the ongoing Forbes list for 2018, Patience Ozokwor has total assets of $950 Million USD.

Patience Ozokwor Interview with the Sun

How did you feel when you received the Centenary award?

Patience Ozokwor: I feel very elated to have received the award, because it is a sign that Nigerians appreciate my good work. It is indeed a dream come through for me as a thespian, and I promise to always make Nigeria and Africa proud with my work.

How do you feel about all your achievements as an actress?

Patience Ozokwor: Stardom has taking me to so many countries in the world. I have been able to meet presidents of different nations. And I appreciate the fact that people commend and appreciate my acting skills whenever they meet me anywhere in Nigeria and outside the country, which gives me a great pleasure and ability to work harder, knowing that I have fans all over the world is worth celebrating.

How has Nollywood helped to transform Nigeria?

Patience Ozokwor: Our movies have been able to affect people’s lives as well as make them happy. In fact, Nollywood has transformed Nigeria’s image abroad positively and I am delighted to be part of this achievement.

Has your profession affected your life positively?

Patience Ozokwor: I have been able to assist my family financially through my work, my children were able to go to school and they are living a comfortable life with their families as graduates by the special grace of God. In fact, the movie industry has affected my life positively in every ramification and I don’t have any regret being an actress and I give God all the glory.

Have you achieved all that you set out to achieve?


Patience Ozokwor: I have not yet achieved everything, personally there are things that I have in mind to do in the industry, but when I look back there is nobody yet qualified to take over the mantle from me. And I pray that God will raise someone that will be better than me, which will be a great achievement to have someone who will replace me, when I finally leave the industry.

Would you support any of your children to go into entertainment?

Patience Ozokwor: My second son is already into entertainment, he has a music record label. While my daughter ended up in the church drama. Though, my son acted in few movies before he left for the United Kingdom, hopefully he may do more in acting or movie directing in the future. And I will give him every encouragement if he decides to go into acting professionally, because he is passionate about entertainment.

While growing up did you ever think of becoming a movie star?

Patience Ozokwor: I have always been an entertainer from childhood, so getting to the level I have attained in the industry is by the grace of God, consistency and hard work.

Could you share some of the experiences you had in your early days as an actress that almost discouraged you?

Patience Ozokwor: During my early days, sometimes when I get to location with a script, they would tell me someone has taken my place, which was so disappointing. But I endured and believed God for mine, and He gave me what belongs to me. Today, God has celebrated me as an icon and I give God all the glory.

Your husband died in 2000, precisely 14 years ago, how is life as a widow?

Patience Ozokwor: God has always been on my side because without Him there is nothing we can do. Again, I lived in the village, maybe if I were living in the city, things would be happening to me and nobody will know what I was passing through. And my people in the village know that I am always on location working either in the eastern part of the country or Lagos and Abuja. But when I am not working you will see me in the comfort of my home in the village. I appreciate my people for all their love and peaceful co-existence which I am enjoying. My husband’s family loves me so much, even before I became a star; we were so attached to each other. Everyone in the family calls me Patia; they are fond of me.

Are you saying you still live in the village?


Patience Ozokwor: I don’t live in the city; I still live in my village. It is nice to live in the countryside where everyone is everybody’s business. (Laughter).

Not minding the fact that you are a celebrity?

Patience Ozokwor: If you see the way people appreciate me in my village, whenever I go to the market to shop everyone will be calling me ‘Mama G’, ‘Gee’ for general, in fact, you will appreciate me more. But my office is located in Enugu town. So, I enjoy living in the village, my hometown. I still live my life of simplicity regardless of fame.

How do you manage to shuttle from the village to other parts of the country?

Patience Ozokwor: I have a guest house in Lagos where some of my jobs are concentrated like soaps, endorsements, commercials and shooting of movies. I have a three bedroom flat in Asaba. Because I am tired of staying in public hostels, some are sub-standard; and sometimes you run into small girls that you know. So, I decided to rent an apartment each in Lagos and Asaba for comfort. I have adopted children who I take on holidays, so because I would not like them to grow up in the village without being exposed to city life, when they are on long vocation and I am in Nigeria, I take them to Lagos or Asaba for a change of environment.

Your son had his wedding in the United Kingdom sometimes ago and your daughter also got married in Nigeria, how many children do you have?

Patience Ozokwor: I have three biological children. But because of my love for children, I adopted five other children who bear my name and I am very proud of them as my children. But I intend giving two among them to my younger sister to love as I have been doing. I am grateful to God for their lives, my son in-law and beautiful daughter-in-law I love you all.

Your late husband was supportive of your career, would you say you miss his presence now that you have hit stardom, especially being honoured with the Centenary award?

Patience Ozokwor: I wish my husband were alive to witness my Centenary award, because he was highly supportive of my career. Though, he was sick for a long time before he died, I wish he were still alive. But God knows the best. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

What did you really miss about him?


Patience Ozokwor: I miss the togetherness, when two people work together trying to train the children, bringing them up in unity and love. And all the affection he showered on us. I miss the way he celebrated my children’s birthdays, he was a true father and husband when he was alive. I miss my husband’s companionship and love.

Have you ever acted any role related with your experience as a widow?

Patience Ozokwor: Of course, one or two things that happened to you as a widow will definitely come up in the movies, but I have not acted any widowhood role that has to do with my experience as a widow negatively. My in-laws have been very supportive and caring; we have always lived like one big family. I always visit them in the United Kingdom, United States of America and those in Nigeria are united in love with me. When my husband was hospitalized, my sister-in-law and I were taking care of him; she stayed with him at nights while I took over from her in the morning before going to location. On that fateful day, I was on location when my husband died, before my sister in-law arrived the hospital. Thereafter, they informed me about his death and they put him in the mortuary and asked me to continue with my job, because they understand my kind of job, but I blatantly refused. I took permission from the producer and stayed away for some days. I later came back to finish the production of the movie.

Tell us about your parents?

Patience Ozokwor: My parents were loving and caring, I miss them so much. My mother was a popular trader. I never had it rough as a child, I only had it rough when my husband fell sick, but my in-laws did not leave me, they took care of my husband’s hospital bills. It’s just that you don’t have to wait for people to survive; instead you struggle to make life meaningful for yourself.

You are looking younger and beautiful even at your age, are you thinking about remarrying?

Patience Ozokwor: It is not about my look but my age. I am not thinking about remarrying. Since my husband died, I have been rearing my children to the glory of God. And I decided to occupy my mind on my job and service to God to give my children the best in life.

How old are you now?

Patience Ozokwor: I was born on March 25,1958, so do the calculation.

At 56, you are looking elegant. What is the secret behind your healthy look?

Patience Ozokwor: God is the secret behind my ageless look, and I also eat what my body needs, I take a lot of fruits and exercise when it’s necessary. And most imperatively, I don’t drink alcohol because I have realized that alcohol does a lot of damage to the body and makes you look older than your age.


Nollywood producers have stereotyped you with roles that make you get bad remarks, how have these roles affected your life?
Patience Ozokwor: I don’t owe anybody any apology for the roles I play, because I get paid for them and it is my job. It is only people who don’t understand that acting is make belief that perceive an actor to be living his or her life the way she acts on set. If I could read my script and interpret the role to get the best production, it means I understand acting.

Who is Patience Ozokwor outside the set?

Patience Ozokwor: I am a very loving mother, nice, caring, jovial, understanding, and above all God fearing. But I don’t take nonsense because I am a disciplinarian.

You attended teachers training college were you nursing the idea of becoming a teacher?

Patience Ozokwor: I attended teachers training college in Afikpo; and then I proceeded to IMT, Enugu where I studied Fine and Applied Arts, specializing in Graphics. But I am a not a teacher today, because my interest is in acting where my passion also lies.

Patience Ozokwor Movies

Old School
Personal Desire
Personal Desire 2
Act Of Faith
After My Heart
Erak & Eran
Battle Of Religion
After My Heart 4
Bottom Of My Heart
Bottom Of My Heart 2
Critical Truth
Female Lion
Female Lion 2
Heart Of A Slave
Heart Of A Slave 2
Heaven After Hell
Heaven After Hell 2
Husband My Foot
Husband My Foot 2
Naked Wrestler
Naked Wrestler 2
Onoja 2
Sin No More 1 & 2
Sin No More 2
Strength To Strength
Strength To Strength 2
The Evil Queen
The Evil Queen 2
The Plain Truth
The Plain Truth 2
Area Mama
Area Mama 2
Away Match
Away Match 2
Blood Apart
Blood Apart 2
Divine Twins
Divine Twins 2
Evil Agenda
Evil Forest
Final Kingdom
Final Kingdom 2
Goddess Of The Sun
Goddess Of The Sun 2
Heavy War
Help Me Out 2
Highest Offence
Highest Offence 2
My Vision 3
Holy Man 2
Grave Minds
I Need A Husband
I Need A Husband 2
Kingdom Apart
Kingdom Apart 2
Legal War
Dog Of War
Legal War 3
Lions Den
Lions Den 2
Lost In The Jungle
King Of My Village
Love And Age
Love And Age 2
Love And Likeness
Love And Likeness 2
Mountains Of Evil
Mountains Of Evil 2
Naked Kingdom
Naked Kingdom 2
Old Testament
Old Testament 2
Only Daughter
Only Daughter 2
Passion Of My Blood
Passion Of My Blood 2
Pride Of A Woman
Pride Of A Woman 2
Saved By Sin
Saved By Sin 2
Silent Rage
Silent Rage 2
Try & See
Try & See 2
Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business 2
Will Of God
Will Of God 2
The Monster: Demon In-Law 3
Abuja Top Ladies
Abuja Top Ladies 2
Abuja Top Ladies 3
Aguba Igogoro
Alice My First Lady
Alice My First Lady 2
Asunder 2
Beyond Dreams
Beyond Dreams 2
Chicken Madness 2
Dear Mama
Deep Bondage
Cry To God 2
Demon In-Law
Demon In-Law 2
Desperate Women
Desperate Women 2
Divided Attention
Divided Attention 2
Dry My Tears
Dry My Tears 2
End Of Battle
End Of Battle 2
Final Surrender
Double Mind 2
Living In Pain 2
My Love My Sorrow
My Love My Sorrow 2
My Mother’s Decision
My Mother’s Decision 2
No Where To Run
No Where To Run 2
Peace Talk
Peace Talk 2
Plain Truth
Pounds And Dollars 2
Sacred Blood
Return To Me
Soul Engagement
Soul Engagement 3
Sweet Mama
Sweet Mama 2
The Broken Shield
The Broken Shield 2
The Devil In Her
The Devil In Her 2
The Final Days
The Final Days 2
The Hard Solution
The Humble Lion
The Humble Lion 2
The Return Of Mama-G
Total Crisis
Total Crisis 2
Soldiers Of The Lord
U General 2
Upside Down
Upside Down 2
Winning Your Love
Winning Your Love 2
Authentic Mama
Bandit Queen
Broken Ambition
Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors 2
Crying Angel
Crying Angel 2
Dangerous Blood
Dangerous Blood 2
Divided Kingdom
Divided Kingdom 2
End Of Dreams
End Of Dreams 2
Good News
Good News 2
Heavy Storm 2
I Need A Man
I Need A Man 2
Ladies World
Ladies World 2
Love Is A Game
Love Is A Game 2
Men At War
Men At War 2
My Business
Rings Of Fire
Rings Of Fire 2
Royal Palace
Saving The Crown
Return Of Mama G
Shock 2
Soul On Fire
Soul On Fire 2
The Corridors Of Power
The Successor
The Corridors Of Power 3
Torn Apart
Torn Apart 2
Ways Of The Heart
Ways Of The Heart 2
War And Romance
What A Mother
Woman Of Authority
Women In Power 2
You & I Forever
You & I Forever 2
Annabel 2
Wrong Choice
Eyin Oka 2
Fateful Love
Fateful Love 2
Forbidden Love
Heritage 2
Two Aside
Indulgence 2
Love After Love
Mama-G In America
Mama, I Will Die For You
Millionaire’s Daughter
Millionaire’s Daughter 2
My First Love
My First Love
My Mother My Marriage
My Mother My Marriage 2
My Woman
Old School 2
Old School 3
Palace Gold
The Staff Of Odo
Upside Down 1&2
The Flute
Billionaires Club
Blindfolded Men
Billionaires Club 3
Broken Marriage 2
Blood Sister 2
By His Grace
Cry No More
Emotional Crack
Evil Woman
Forever Yours
Forever Yours 2
Last Miracle
Market Sellers
Market Sellers 2
Mr. Trouble
Mr. Trouble 2
No Place To Play
Onunaeyi: Seeds Of Bondage
Emotional Blackout 2
Price Of The Wicked 2
Princess Buttem
Private Sin
Private Sin 2
The Cross Of Love
The Storm Is Over
The Storm Is Over 2
Under Fire
Women Affair
$1: One Dollar
Christian Marriage
Fire On The Mountain
Fearless Woman
Miracle 2
Okwu Na Uka
Blood For Blood
Pretender 2
Sunrise 2
The Final Clash
The Final Clash 2
Genesis Of Fire
Greedy Genius 2
Mothering Sunday
Return Of My Pride
Terrible Sin 2
Ukwa 2
Now And Forever
Godless Woman 2
Lost But Found 2
Millionaire’s Widow 1
Millionaire’s Widow 2
Palace Maid 1 & 2
The Mistress 1 & 2
My Christian Faith
Bless The Marriage
Men Do Cry
Fishers Of Men
Beauty And The Beast
Mortal Pain
Scent Of A Woman
Cross Of Love
Cross Of Love 2
Naked Weapon 1 & 2
Untold Truth
Father’s Blood
Hope For Tomorrow
Evil Manipulation
Millenium Lady
Secret Of The Mind
Deadly Emotion
Indian Doctor
Marcus D Millionaire
The Evangelist
A Woman’s Authority
The Empress
North And South
My Baby
Money In The Bank
My Future
Okada Man
2 Rat
Crazy Landlord
Against My Wish
By All Means
Fatal Mistake
Givers Never Lack
Hard Solution
Heavy Thunder
In The Beginning
New Jerusalem
No Nonsense
The Promise
Police Woman
The Untold
Ujuaku The Tigress
Last Men
Princess Myra
Before The Sunrise
Missing Child
Broken Soul
Garden Of Love And Tears
King’s Battle
Gaza Treasure
Lifted Soul
Kings Desire
Battle Of Destiny
A Date With Destiny
Garden Of Love
Beloved Twins
Marriage Business
Odum 2
The Vultures
Early Grave 2
Final Wheel
Die Hards
Love And Edge
Lifted By Grace
Royal Coup
Through The Fire 2
Web Of Mistake
What Went Wrong
Prince Of Destiny
War Without End
Dancing Hall
Gone Forever
Evil Chamber
Family Friend
Second Chances
Return Of Kings Battle
Senator 2
Holy Anger
Price Of The Wicked
Price Of Destiny
The Price Of Sacrifice
Wheel Of Life
Igbu Du
Ungodly Generation
Black Image
Voicemail 2
Open And Close
Lost But Found
Revenge Of The Gods
End Of Widow’s Tears
Burial Bussiness
Daughters Of Ages
Strange Affection
Iron Ladies
My Life Story
My Only Hope
Return Of Miracle
Morning Joy
Desperate Soul
Caught In The Middle
Lord’s Chosen
Royal Lust
Plane Crash
Stubborn Doctor
Combined Business
Deceptive Mind
Secret In Mind
My Saviour
Love In Berlin
Moments Of Maddness 2
Tolerance II
To Rise Again 2
Save My Home
Royal Wives
Marcus “D” Millionaire
Lady On The Move 2
In The Name Of The Lord
Family Disgrace 2
Dying For A Nation 2
Compulsory Risk 2
Black Angel 1 & 2
End Of Pride 1 & 2
Secret Courage
Final Coincidence
By Fire By Thunder
Mansion Models
Power Of A Kiss
Son Of The Soil
A Woman’s Honor
Twisted Fate
Before My Wife
Late Arrival
Loss Of Trust
Emergency Wedding
Emotions Blackout
King From Nowhere
Show Me Your Kindness
Two Became One
Rihanna Returns
Palace Scandal
Evil Shadow
Fake Identity
Game Of Dons
The Hour Has Come
My Beloved Wife
Wicked Time
Wind Of Mistake
The Bombshell
Return Of Blood Sisters
Cast Away
Last Day
Out Of Cage
Power Play
Prince Of Peace
Infinite Mercy
Sisters At War
Congo Boy In The City
Happy New Year
Mine Forever
Orija Shrine
He Goat
Holy Love And Violence
Way Of The Heart
Stone Face
Blood On Fire
Cats Of Darkness
Buried In Heaven
Money Love
Holy Kidnappers
Wrong Money
Sorrow To Joy
Making Of The King
American Villager
Life After Death
Woman To Woman
The Champion Sportsman
Owerri Soup
Arrangee Mama
Fulton Mansion
Madam Chelsea
Return Of The King
Total Sin
Sisters On Fire
A Dance For The Prince

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Monalisa Chinda Biography – Husband, Parents, Marriage, Movies, Daughter, Age

Monalisa Chinda Biography – Husband, Parents, Marriage, Movies, Daughter, Age

Monalisa Chinda Biography

Monalisa Chinda (born 13 September 1974) is a Nigerian actress, film producer, television personality and media personality.
Monalisa Chinda was conceived in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to Igbo guardians. She is the first born in her family of two children and four girls. She went to Army Children’s School GRA for Primary education and further her studies to Archdeacon Crowther Memorial Girls’ School, Elelenwo, for Secondary education. The two schools are situated in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She got a degree in Theater Arts from the University of Port Harcourt. 
Monalisa Chinda Career
Monalisa’s first significant movie was “Pregnant Virgin” which she did in 1996 and in this way after she graduated in 2000, she did Above the Law and has done numerous others since then.
In 2007 her street to fame commenced when she began showing up in the TV cleanser Heaven’s Gate. In 2011, she appeared as Executive Producer in the Royal Arts Academy film, ‘Kiss and Tell’, which Emem Isong co-created with her and Desmond Elliott directed. In 2012, she ended up one of the first of four Nollywood on-screen characters to be highlighted on the front of Hollywood Weekly Magazine. In November 2014 the performing artist is spreading out of acting a smidgen and is set to make a big appearance her Talk Show titled ‘You and I with Monalisa.
Monalisa is engaged with a ton of philanthropy work. She has a section (Monalisa Code) in the Saturday release of The Sun Newspapers where she composes on social issues and connections. She is an advisor with Royal Arts Academy, a media school known for reproducing new abilities, in acting, coordinating, and screenwriting.
Monalisa Chinda parents
Her mom is Igbo, and her dad comes from Ikwerre community. Where was the popular actress born? Her family lived in Rivers State.
Monalisa Chinda wedding 
The on-screen character took two endeavors to wind up upbeat. Her marriage to Segun Dejo-Richards returns in 2004, with whom she separated from quite a long while later because of a few reasons. Her second wedding to Mr. Victor Toney Coker in 2016 changed her life. The two sweethearts had a conventional wedding function in the Nigerian city of Rumuodani (Port Harcourt). That day, the cheerful and well-known lady of the hour needed to change into three astonishing clothing types, and each outfit was exceptional. Photographs from The spouse and husband likewise delighted in astounding white wedding outside the nation a large portion of a year after their official wedding festivity (it was held in Greece). 
Monalisa Chinda Husband 
It is supposed that Monalisa’s first husband, Segun Dejo-Richards (showbiz promoter), had a wife a large portion of a year prior to his marriage with Monalisa. The performer examined this circumstance in her various meetings, and she trusted this was one reason why their family couldn’t locate a typical dialect and rejoin. Her second spouse, Victor Coker fulfills her on-screen character, and this is extremely astounding. Victor is 52 years of age. He was Monalisa’s childhood companion (as their families lived in Port Harcourt and Victor’s sister was Monalisa’s closest companion), however he later moved to Germany where he manufactured his life, and despite the fact that he endeavored to do his business in Nigeria after their marriage, he is compelled to live between the two nations. We don’t know much about Victor’s calling, however having a long-removed relationship can be extreme for any family. There are bits of gossip that Monalisa’s better half needs her to move to Germany while she needs to remain in Nigeria. 
Monalisa Chinda daughter

Monalisa Chinda little girl The rich and acclaimed performing artist has a youngster. Her little girl’s name is Tamar Lily or Tamara. She is the infant of Monalisa and her first spouse Dejo Richards… In any case, there is nothing to stress over in light of the fact that Monalisa is right now wedded to her second spouse Mr. Victor Tonye Coker and guarantees that he cherishes her girl like his own child. Tamar Lily is 10 years of age. Her well-known mother dependably includes some new photographs of her valuable young lady on Instagram so every one of the fans can perceive how Tamara changes through the years. This is a short Monalisa Chinda account, so now you know a few realities about her spouses, relational unions, and the astonishing 10-year-old little girl. Monalisa has just been granted the astonishing Carnival Queen and Best Actress titles, and we are certain that she is still to be delegated numerous other great titles and honors as she proceeds with her acting profession.

Monalisa Chinda Awards

In 2011, Monalisa was crowned the Face of Port Harcourt – Carnival Queen, in her hometown of Rivers State.
2010 she was nominated for the Best Actress in a drama series at the Terracotta TV and Film Awards.

Best Actress, Afro Hollywood Award 2009 at the Monte Carlo Television Festival

Monalisa Chinda Movies

She has featured in more than 80 films.[13][14]
Pregnant Virgin 1996)
Royal Grandmother (2007)
Sting 2 (2006)
Critical Truth (2008)
Kiss and Tell (2011)
Keeping my Man (2013)
Anointed Liars
Breaking Heart
Without Goodbye
Above the Law (2000)
City of Angels
Weekend Getaway
Passionate Heart
Memories of the Heart
Lagos Cougars
Spirit Love
Passionate Heart
Okon Lagos
Games Men Play
Nollywood Hustlers
Gossip Nation
The Unthinkable (2014)
The Therapist (2015)
Evil Project

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Uche Jombo Biography – Age, Wedding, Husband, Children, Movies

Uche Jombo Biography – Age, Wedding, Husband, Children, Movies 

Uche Jombo Biography

Uche Jombo is a Nigerian performing artist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She was conceived on December 28, 1979, in Abiriba, Abia State, Nigeria. She is an alum of Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Calabar, and Computer Programming from the Federal University of Technology Minna. 

Uche Jombo Age

Uche Jombo was conceived on December 28, 1979, in Abiriba, Nigeria. She is 38 years of age starting in 2018. 

Uche Jombo Husband – Uche Jombo Marriage 

Uche strolled down the passageway with her American-Puerto Rican conceived spouse, Kenny Rodriguezon May 16, 2012, in a relaxed wedding that occurred on the shores of Puerto Rico, in the northeastern Caribbean. 

Uche Jombo Baby – Uche Jombo Children

Uche Jombo and her significant other Kenny Rodriguezon have a child together who is called Matthew Rodriguez.

Uche Jombo Career 

Uche Jombo made her movie career a big appearance as a performing artist more than 13 years back in ‘Visa to Hell.’ We have watched her develop into a standout amongst the best, genuine disapproved of on-screen characters of her age, diverting her profession with her job in the hit motion picture Games Men Play, a film in which she served as a performer and co- essayist. This consoles her fans that underneath the immaculate outside prowls a lady with numerous abilities: an on-screen character, author and maker. 

She is in all unobtrusiveness a genuine result of diligent work and self-conviction, having picked up acknowledgment as a standout amongst the most regarded female acts who worked her way to the best. She has won the resolute reverence of a huge number of fans worldwide but keeps on pioneering the trail, motivating up and coming acts around her. 

With the elements that accompany the activity, she has developed and has accomplished worldwide acknowledgment as an adaptable performing artist; she’s has more than 60 motion pictures to her acting credit, 20 screenplays and 14 motion pictures as an official maker. 
An adherent to the new Nollywood (new time), she is focused on observing a quantum jump in the nature of the motion pictures in the business through her creation organization UCHE JOMBO STUDIOS. 

Uche Jombo is the official maker of films, for example, Nollywood Hustlers, Holding Hope, Damage, Broken Silence, My Life My Damage, The Place, A Mother’s Fight, Misplaced, Lies Men Tell, False, After the Proposal, Unconditional, Under Your Skin, Oge’s Sister, Almost Perfect. 

She works in an NGO, Uche Jombo and You, helping the Nigerian youth with dreams of getting to be essayists and performing artists realize their fantasies. 

Uche Jombo Weight Loss 

Uche Jombo shed a portion of the additional pounds she had gained.

Uche Jombo Movies

Oge’s Sister (2015) Actor/Writer/Producer
Almost Perfect (2015) Actor/Producer
Under Your Skin (2014) Actor/ Producer
After the Proposal (2014) Actor/ Producer
Unconditional (2014) Actor/Producer/Writer
Lies Men Tell (2013) Actor/Producer/Writer
False (2013) Actor/Producer
Blood or Wine (2013) Actor
Lonely Heart (2013) Actor
Lagos Cougars (2013) Actor
Broken silence(2012) Actor/ Producer
Mrs somebody(2012) Actor
Blood or wine(2012) Actor
The place(2012) Actor
Misplaced(2012) Actor/ Producer
A mother’s fight(2012) Actor/ Producer
Damage (2011) Actor/ Producer/Writer
Player No 1 (2011) Actor
Holding Hope (2011) Actor/ Producer/ Writer
Kiss and Tell (2011) Actor
Unguarded (2011) Actor
Nollywood Hustlers (2010) Actor/ Producer
Rebrand (2010) Actor
Too Much (2010) Actor
Silent Scandals (2010) Actor
Memories of My Heart (2010) Actor
Brutal Heart (2010) Actor
Mad Sex (2010) Actor
Titanic Sister (2009) Actor
The Celebrity (2009) Actor/Writer
Through the Fire (2009) Actor
Between Two Worlds (2009) Actor
Chase (2009) Actor
The Generals (2008) Actor
The One For Me (2008) Actor
Sweet Pain (2008) Actor
World of Honor (2008) Actor
Strength of Faith (2008) Actor
Sacred Heart (2008) Actor
Smackdown (2008) Actor
Reloaded (2008) Actor
When The Heart Lies (2008) Actor
Feel My Pain (2008) Actor
Beyonce and Rihanna (2008) Actor
Solid Affection (2008) Actor
What Went Wrong (2008) Actor
Winds of Mistake (2008) Actor
Total War (2007) Actor
Behind the Truth (2007) Actor
Blessed Among Women (2007) Actor
Most Wanted Bachelor (2007) Actor
Be My Wife (2007) Actor/Writer
Why Me Father (2007) Actor
Keep My Will (2007) Actor
Boys Cot (2007) Actor
House of Commotion (2007) Actor
Price of Fame (2007) Actor/Writer
Yahoo Millionaire (2007) Actor
Love Wins (2007) Actor
Divided Heart (2007) Actor
Bone in the Neck (2007) Actor
Tower of Beauty (2007) Actor
Hottest Babes (2007) Actor
Girls Cot (2007) Actor
Blood for Tears (2006) Actor
Perfect Planner (2006) Actor
Rush Hour (2006) Actor
Wrong Woman (2006) Actor
Women of Faith (2006) Actor
My Sister My Love (2006) Actor
A Price To Pay (2006) Actor
Greatest Harvest (2006) Actor
Games Men Play (2005) Actor/Writer
Endless Lies (2005) Actor/Writer
Fire Love (2005) Actor
Koko Babes (2005) Actor
Corporate Runs (2005) Actor
Secret Fantasy (2005) Actor
A Time To Love (2005) Actor/Writer
Black Bra (2005) Actor
Girls in The Hood (2004) Actor
Total Crisis (2004) Actor
A Cry for Help 3 (2003) Actor
Darkest Night (2003) Actor
Rumours (2003) Actor
Ordained (2002) Actor
To Love Forever (2002) Actor/Writer
Sleeping with the Enemy (2002) Actor
Shakara (2000) Actor
Girls Hostel (2000) Actor
Visa to Hell (2000) Actor
Adure (2000) Actor
Love Boat (2000) Actor
Ordained (2000) Actor/Writer
Price of Peace
White Gold Sellers
Caught in the Act

Uche Jombo Interview

Interviewer: Hi Uche. It’s been a bit of a task getting you to sit down for this interview. You seem to have been very busy lately. What have you been up to?

Uche Jombo: We are trying to clear out. We have some productions from my production company, Uche Jombo Studios so I’m basically doing more of post-production work. My Life My Damage, we are looking at starting the tour in September. And i’m working on another comedy which I was the co-executive producer with Desmond Elliott. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’m happy to say that the special effects are coming out as expected.

Interviewer: Tell me about some of the movies we should be expecting to see you featured in soon.

Uche Jombo: Mrs Somebody, a comic look at the pressure to get married in the everyday Nigerian society by Emem Isong. Holding Hopes, Broken Silence which has Uti Nwachukwu and Tonto Dikeh. Also Ikenna, an epic is coming out soon. I also just finished a film, Misplaced Affections.

Interviewer: I read somewhere that you’re affiliated with a Reality TV Show, Nollywood Search in the UK. What is your role in it?

Uche Jombo: It’s organized by Nollywood Uncut. I got interested in their script. It’s not my show per say but whoever wins will work with us.

Interviewer: Your movie, Damage has been out for over a year now. How has the reception been?

Uche Jombo: It’s been fantastic. We are also online where people can pay to watch it on We are also going to upload soon on DVD.
Damage is a trilogy. We are on the second one now which is My Life My Damage which is about drugs and HIV. It is more student-friendly so we are thinking of doing a proper tour for Nigerian Universities outside the premiere because it is that kind of movie.

Recalling the Early Years

Interviewer: Now Uche, please take me back to the beginning of your acting career. How did you step into shoes of an actress?

Uche Jombo: I know it sounds like a cliché but it was just about being at the right place at the right time. It was almost like a challenge. I was asked “Can you act?” I was like “Yes I can” and I was given a script to read even though that was not what I went there for. That is how I got my first role from Fidelis Duker in 1999. Eventually, the movie, Visa To Hell came out in 2000.

Interviewer: How has the journey been so far? What encouragement would you give to people just starting out in their acting career?

Uche Jombo: I’d like to say it’s been rosy but that is not how it was. It’s been a struggle but by God’s grace, it’s been a successful story. I always tell people starting that it’s always about self belief because in this business you are going to get lots of no’s before you get the yes’. But don’t be discouraged. Work more on your craft and self confidence.

Interviewer: You started out acting mostly ‘Tom Boy’ roles but have now grown to the leading ‘Diva’ kind of roles. Tell me about your career growth.

Uche Jombo: I’m one of those people who would be right if I say I started from a very humble beginning in my career. I did lots of supporting roles and behind the scenes. I think to be consistent at what you do, at a point you should work on yourself more.
I’m in love with the art. It was never about money or fame with me. I can’t count how many movies I did without payment. So when you pursue whatever you do with a passion and the love you have for it, it might not be that lucrative at the beginning but at the end of the day, every other thing follows. That’s how it’s been for me.

Interviewer: Did your ‘Tom Boy’ status in movies then have anything to do with what you were like when growing up?

Uche Jombo: I was not an easy child. I did everything teenagers do but probably more. My mother was so scared that she had to enroll me in a church drama group and quarterly they give the best drama student scholarship so three years out of my secondary school was paid for by the church. She did that because I was always either trying to play ball with boys or climbing trees.

Interviewer: That is funny. What is your educational background like?

Uche Jombo: I read Mathematics and Statistics as my first degree at University of Calabar and Computer Programming as my Post Graduate Diploma at Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Interviewer: You have two degrees and decided to put it aside for acting? Why?

Uche Jombo: Acting is a way of life. For me, acting is something you are born with. It’s either you are born with it or you’re not. I have a friend who is a graduate of Theater Arts. She cannot act to save her life so it’s really not about what you have read. It’s looking at how you can be useful to yourself and the society.

Fashion & Style

Interviewer: I watched a show once where the camera had a peek into your wardrobe and showed that you have quite a large number of shoes…

Uche Jombo: Shoes was one of my guilty pleasures but now it’s equipment for my work.

Interviewer: Why do you have this love for shoes?

Uche Jombo: Because I am short. I am five feet four inches. And then, someone said to me once, “if you don’t have the height you can just buy it.” I do not own one pair of flats.

Growth & Controversies

Interviewer: A number of Nigerian actors are spreading their wings into the Hollywood scene. Do you have any plans to do something similar to that?

Uche Jombo: I’ve always said I won’t go to Hollywood, Hollywood will come to us. It’s not about up and going to Hollywood to look for roles. Do you know how many actors are jobless in Hollywood? Lots of them. You cannot be more American than the American, you can only be you. What makes us peculiar is that we are African people, telling African stories to Africans. It’s about Hollywood coming to us because there is a void which we are going to fill.

Interviewer: You are one of the few Nollywood actresses to clinch a Glo Ambassador deal. How did you get it?

Uche Jombo: I got it like every other person. They did profiles for some actors and they called. At first, I thought it was a joke.

Interviewer: As a celebrity, you might have been sometimes misinterpreted or wrongly accused by the media. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever read or heard about yourself?

Uche Jombo: The abortion one, the one I am in court for. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard about myself.  You don’t say someone lost weight because they aborted a six-month pregnancy. That is actually not intelligent because when people are pregnant, they actually add weight. I lost weight for a movie ‘Holding Hope’ and that’s what started the whole thing.
And also the one I heard now that I did a nose job. Of all the things I could do to my body, is it my nose I would want to fix? Sometimes, you pick up a paper and the only truth you read there about yourself is your name.

Interviewer: That was a long time ago. How long has the case been in court?

Uche Jombo: We’ve been in court for over two years but it’s OK, I have the time.

Interviewer: Is the publication still being circulated?

Uche Jombo: It’s still on but I intend to close it even if it’s the last thing I do.

Just for fun

Interviewer: On a lighter note now, if you were stuck on a lonely island, what three things would you love to have with you?

Uche Jombo: My Bible, my water and my husband.

Interviewer: What is your favourite colour?

Uche Jombo: It used to be black and then I didn’t know when it came to blue. I just go with the flow, I don’t really have a favorite color now.

Interviewer: Do you cook often? 

Uche Jombo: Yes but not as often as I want to.

Interviewer: What meal do you have the biggest challenge with when cooking?

Uche Jombo: If I have a challenge about cooking a particular meal, I just won’t cook it. Cooking has to be fun for me. It has to be something I know I can make.

Interviewer: Tell me something most people don’t know about you?

Uche Jombo: I have Insomnia. I called my producer up one time and she was sounding very sleepy and then I checked the time and it was past two am. I had no idea. When people say they have time changes affecting them, not me. I just write or I am in the studio.

The Wedding of her Dreams

Interviewer: The news has been buzzing for a while that you got married in Puerto Rico last month, but you’ve been quiet about it. Why?

Uche Jombo: Because I have an exclusive publication already on that and eventually, BN would also have it. I also don’t want it to just be all over the place. The whole point was doing something that is totally unexpected. People were busy writing what they didn’t know. I have a right to say this is the information I want out and this is the information I don’t want out. Also because it has stopped being me and now us, we have to continuously agree to how we want stuff done. I am from a different background and my partner is from a different background. We just wanted to savour the moment.

Interviewer: I’m itching to hear more about your wedding. Was it a fairy tale kind of wedding?

Uche Jombo: It was exactly the kind of wedding I wanted. Every bride has a dream wedding. I had always wanted that kind of simple beach wedding. I went on vacation last year in Puerto Rico Island and I loved it and I said I would like to come back there for my wedding.

Interviewer: Tell me about your husband. Where is he from? How did you meet him?

Uche Jombo: Contrary to what I’ve been hearing in the media, he is American and not from Puerto Rico. He has been to Puerto Rico twice and those times were with me. Once on vacation and then we went back for our wedding. He is a New Yorker, he works and lives in New York.
Also, contrary to what I’ve been hearing that I met him online, no I did not. He came to talk to me about some business venture and that’s how we started talking. I met him through a mutual friend who is his business partner.

Interviewer: What attracted you to him?
Uche Jombo: His positive energy, it’s amazing.

Interviewer: How long did you date before getting married?

Uche Jombo: Not up to a year. I met him last year.

Interviewer: Was there any particular reason why Desmond Elliott was the only Nollywood star that attended your wedding?

Uche Jombo: He is one of my oldest friends in Nollywood. I don’t know anybody as long as I’ve known Desmond in Nollywood.

Interviewer: Were you able to have most of your family members in Puerto Rico to share your memorable day with you?

Uche Jombo: No, not everybody.

Interviewer: What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever said or done for you?

Uche Jombo: He is not like anybody I’ve met before. He is certainly the most romantic person I’ve ever met in my whole life, needless to say, that is why I married him.

Interviewer: Wow, that’s really sweet. How did he propose to you?

Uche Jombo: He actually proposed twice! The first time, we just continued talking. The second time, we went jet skiing and I was so scared. The water was so deep, you had to swim like eight feet into the water to get to the bike. I consider myself a very good swimmer but that day, the tides kept pushing me back. By the time I got there, I was so mad, I said “I am so going to kill you” and he said “why don’t you just marry me and then you can kill me afterwards”. And I was like “very funny”, and he said “you haven’t given me an answer”. That was when I knew. Since I didn’t kill him there I said I was going to go back to that exact beach and have our wedding there.

Interviewer: You’re here in Nigeria and he is back in America. How are you coping with the long distance separating you both?

Uche Jombo: It’s not really long distance because I’m only here when I’m working. When I’m not working, I’m with him.

Interviewer: I know it’s been just over a month now but how has married life been for you so far?

Uche Jombo: Well, we just started so we are still at that point where everything is rosy.

Interviewer: Is there going to be any name change for you?

Uche Jombo: There was in the marriage license but because I’m a brand, in order not to confuse people, you can still call me Uche Jombo. Uche Jombo and Mrs. Rodriguez are two different people. One is the brand and one is the wife.

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Omotola Jalade Biography – Age, Husband, Family, Wedding, Movies

Omotola Jalade Biography – Age, Husband, Family, Wedding, Movies 

Omotola Jalade Biography 

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde conceived Omotola Jalade on 7 February 1978, is a Nigerian performing artist, artist, donor, and previous model. She is of Ondo plunge, was born in Lagos State. She experienced childhood in a family of five, her folks and two more youthful siblings, Tayo and Bolaji Jalade. Her mom, Oluwatoyin Jalade née Amori Oguntade, worked at J.T Chanrai Nig, and her dad, Oluwashola Jalade, worked with the YMCA and the Lagos Country Club. Omotola’s unique desire was to work in business administration. While anticipating her outcomes from college, she started displaying to gain a living. 

Omotola Jalade Education

Omotola Jalade went to Chrisland School Opebi (1981– 1987), Oxford Children School (1987), Santos Layout, and Command Secondary School Kaduna (1988– 1993). She had a concise spell at Obafemi Awolowo University and finished her examinations at Yaba College of Technology (1996– 2004), where she contemplated domain administration. 

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Career

Omotola Jalade was acquainted with acting by going with a companion to a tryout. Her first acting job was in the 1995 movie titled “Venom of Justice”, coordinated by Reginald Ebere. Reginald has been refered to as propelling Omotola’s profession. She was given the lead job in the movie, which set the phase for a prospering profession in the Nollywood film industry. Omotola got her first enormous job in the widely praised film Mortal Inheritance (1995). In the motion picture, she played a sickle-cell tolerant who battles for her life regardless of the chances of survival. Omotola’s character defeated the ailment and had a child. The film is viewed as one of Nigeria’s best motion pictures at any point made. From that point forward, she has featured in a few blockbuster motion pictures, including Games Women Play, Blood Sisters, All My Life, Last Wedding, My Story, The Woman in Me and a large group of others. 

After a vocation characterizing job in Mortal Inheritance, Omotola’s depiction won her “Best Actress in an English Speaking Movie” and “Best Actress Overall” at the 1997 THEMA (The Movie Awards). She was the most youthful on-screen character in Nigeria as of now to accomplish this accomplishment. 

In the late 1990s and mid 2000s, the undeniably known on-screen character featured in a few spin-off movies, including the Lost Kingdom 2, Kosorogun 2, and Blood Sister 2, prompting a Grand Achiever Award in the interest of the Global Excellence Recognition Awards in 2004. By the mid-2000s, Omotola had shot into A-rundown status. She was granted “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” amid the African Movie Academy Awards in 2005. 

In the wake of shooting about 300 straight to video motion pictures, Omotola got her first true to life motion picture job in the 2010 film, Ije. The film was shot on areas in Jos, California, and Los Angeles. Ije was the Highest netting Nollywood film at the time – An accomplishment later broken by Phone Swap (2012). Last Flight to Abuja (2012) in which Omotola additionally featured at present holds the record. In 2012, she featured in the Nollywood blockbuster spine chiller Last Flight to Abuja which beat Hollywood blockbusters like Spiderman, Think like a Man, Ice Age, The Avengers, and Madagascar to wind up the second most astounding earning motion picture in West African films in 2012. Omotola has proceeded to prevail upon 40 household and universal honors. She is viewed as Africa’s greatest film industry on-screen character. 

In 2015, Omotola Jalade praised her twentieth commemoration in media outlets. She has showed up in around 200 motion pictures. 

Omotola Jalade Age – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Age 

She was conceived on 7 February 1978.

Omotola Jalade Wedding – Omotola Jalade Husband – Omotola Jalade Family 

Omotola wedded pilot Captain Matthew Ekeinde in 1996. The couple later held a white service on load up a Dash 7 air ship while flying from Lagos to Benin in 2001, with close family and companions present. Omotola brought forth her first little girl on 30 March 1997. Together, they have four kids, Princess, M.J, Meraiah and Michael. Omotola lost her dad in 1991.
Omotola Jalade Movies – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Movies
Venom of Justice
Mortal Inheritance
Scores to Settle
Lost Kingdom
When Love Dies
Under Fire
The Outsider
Blood Sisters
Royal Family
Die Another Day
A Kiss from Rose
Games Women Play
Brave Heart
The Revelation
Sand in My Shoes
Careless Soul
Yankee Girls
Temple of Justice
My Last Ambition
Ije: The Journey
A Private Storm
Ties That Bind
Last Flight to Abuja
Hit The Floor
Blood on the Lagoon
Up Creek a Paddle
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Interview
Source: Premium Times
Premium Times interviewed the actress about her career, marriage and playing a controversial character in Alter Ego. Here is the interview.
You went off the scene for three years. Was this deliberate?
Omotola Jalade: Yes it was. I knew I was going to embark on a break so I starred in a few movies, which have not been released. I shot Blood on the Lagoon with Teco Benson, and another one in London called Amina, which are yet to be released. I got to that point when I felt like nothing was challenging me anymore and I began to feel like my standard was dropping. I went through that period and I knew I needed to stay away and wait for Nollywood to catch up with some of our ideas.
Do you think starring in Chineze Anyaene’s 2010 movie, Ije, in the United States, sort of placed you on a pedestal?

Omotola Jalade: Well, I knew cinema movies were the next step for me. After starring in Ije I knew that the industry was not moving fast enough and I knew the only way out for me was to make that sacrifice and just dropout. So I starred in movies that I thought could hold forth for me while I concentrate on other things like building my business. Coming back was hard for me because I was aiming for that movie that would challenge. I was looking for something as strong as or better than Mortal Inheritance. I knew I had to reset my mindset, I was looking for something that would excite me the same way Mortal Inheritance did. I got a lot of scripts and none of them filled that gap. I could have taken up some of them for the sake of money. But I have gone past that point.
Your fans can’t stop talking about your sex scenes in Alter Ego. Was your husband comfortable with you playing the role?
Omotola Jalade: Some of the sex scenes in Alter Ego were downplayed because I’m married. But I won’t play the sex scenes if it wasn’t necessary to be included in the film. I know by starring in this movie that my fans would either hate me or love me forever. While shooting the film, I knew I was doing something quite risky. There are several ways to shoot a sex scene tastefully. I’m all for playing a sex scene convincingly and my husband knows this. I tell my husband, “You know what darling, you married an actor”; and secondly, he is my biggest fan. I tell him, “Do you want me to be great or do you just want me to be good?” He will say, “I want you to be great, sparklingly great”. Then I’ll say, “Ehen, we go love o” and he’s fine with it. He understands but just like every other human being and the professional that he is, he too wants to be convinced that I played a sex scene because it was necessary. I know when he watches movies sometimes he would say, “Did they have to kiss if they were not going to kiss well?”
You got pretty raunchy with your co-stars in your latest movie, Alter Ego. Are you ready for the viewer’s criticisms?

Omotola Jalade: When I wasn’t even confident, I starred in a movie called a prostitute, which was released 22 years ago. If I didn’t die then, is it now? I’m ready.
Playing a believable sex scene would mean going extra lengths. Do you think Nigerians will embrace such films?
Omotola Jalade: You don’t even have to “chop” somebody’s mouth if you don’t want to. If the scene is not about you showing real mad crazy love then you can’t now be showing mouth to mouth kissing or removing of clothes. In Nigerian movies, we have downplayed chemistry. I hope we can bring that back. Back in the day when I shot Mortal Inheritance in 1995, I had to spend time with my co-star, Fred Amata. He was already a renowned director and in those days, directors were revered. So imagine, my director who had directed me in a movie prior now acting as my lover. I was really afraid but we broke the ice by spending time with each other. So, he demystified himself and we had chemistry and you could tell. So, I’m hoping all of this returns to Nigerian movies. So, as professionals, we need to ask ourselves if it is necessary for a movie to have a sex scene and when it is, it should be done well.
With regards to Alter Ego, how were you able to build some on-screen chemistry with your co-star, Wole Ojo?
Omotola Jalade: I was working with Wole Ojo for the first time, so we had to spend time together and we played very rough. I understand the power of being friends with your love interest in a movie so we became like a couple. We ate together and basically just broke down the walls to make sure we were both comfortable with each other and have each other’s backs and interest at heart. So, it spilled into the movie without you even noticing.
Alter Ego appears to be the first Nollywood movie to truly address Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Do you think it would appeal to the Nigerian Nollywood audience?
Omotola Jalade: We don’t talk about PTS that much in Nigeria, so, when you see someone that is mentally traumatized, the first thing that comes to your mind is, “this person is crazy!”. We don’t talk about depression in Nigeria. We don’t talk about how it affects children, especially those that have been abused.
When you ask a lot of adults, you might find out that some people have been abused as children. And if we want to tell ourselves the truth, how many of us were actually able to tell our parents about this?
In Africa, it’s always a taboo to say, “uncle, somebody touched me”. They will practically ask you one million questions. “What did you say to him? How were you sitting? What were you wearing?” As if it’s your fault, you become the victim. Alter Ego sets out to address how sexual abuse affects victims as kids and as adults.
Sometimes, you see people as adults behave in a certain way, but because we have not diagnosed this problem – because, in Africa, you are either just crazy and should go to Yaba Left; but we don’t think about the fact that people actually have psychological trauma and that PTSD actually affects Africans. We think it’s an Oyibo disease.

Why were you drawn to Alter Ego?
Omotola Jalade: It’s the soul of the movie. It must come quickly in a movie and must also be underlining throughout the film. Some come naturally while some don’t. The movie got me on time because I switch very quickly; so if I read through the first 10 pages of a movie script and I don’t get the story, I get bored. I loved the film from the beginning but it was a diamond in the rough. I knew what was lacking in it. So, I called the director and told him we will have to tear the script apart and rebuild it and he gave me his nod. It takes a big mind to shoot Alter Ego.
You once hinted of plans to build a film village in Badagry in conjunction with your husband. Will it be ready anytime soon?
Omotola Jalade: I hope it will be ready next year hopefully. I also began another project on Mobolaji Bank Anthony, Lagos, which is supposed to be annex of the film village first called, Double Doors. So, these are some of the things I was busy putting together when I went off the scene. I have always said that what we need in Nollywood is infrastructure. So, I needed to start building the infrastructure.
Do you think the Buhari administration has done enough for Nollywood?
Omotola Jalade: I think this government needs to wake up. The sad part is that they go around the world and they brag about Nollywood. That’s why I don’t understand how to brag about something you are not helping enough. They need to understand that Nollywood in itself is a force and it should have its own ministry. We have a problem in Nigeria which is that we are afraid to allow ourselves to be great. So, instead of allowing someone who knows his or her onions do the job we put stumbling blocks because of “see finish”. But if a white person comes along, we will support him or her. We need to start supporting ourselves. You will be amazed to know that Nollywood is the second (highest) employer of labor in Nigeria after agriculture. I think if they want to be sincere they will say Nollywood is number one. Why don’t we forget our immediate petty jealousy and begin to invest in this industry?

You have yet to star in a Yoruba film?
Omotola Jalade: I starred in one a long time ago titled No Rival and Oyato. I might be shooting one soon. It’s not a fully Yoruba film; it’s a collaboration. I’m currently reading the script.
How have you managed to reinvent yourself year in year out?

Omotola Jalade: I think it’s knowing what matters and being authentic and hoping that your authentic self-makes sense. I am blessed that from a very tender age I was able to find God and my Christian values have shaped me. The real me is real; “I no dey form, I no dey do pass myself and what you see with me is what you get.” Somewhere along the line in my career, I deviated because of the distraction of money. Our brothers that were bringing so much unnecessary money into the industry and they were the ones dictating the pace. Thank God that I was able to find my core self back.
Did marrying early boost your career?
Omotola Jalade: Absolutely. It’s one of the biggest blessings of my life because I look back now and I am like if I wasn’t married then, will I be married now? I can understand that as a celebrity it is hard, really hard, to get people who really love you for who you are and not because of the image of you that they have in mind. So, I can understand what some of my colleagues are going through because it’s not easy. Having said that, marrying my friend, a very wonderful, powerful man, who is confident of himself, has helped me. It has allowed me to have that stability and be able to go out and fly.
What’s happening to your music career?
Omotola Jalade: I want to get back to music so bad and I am coming out viciously and it’s not like I care about what people were saying when I launched my music career.
I hope we can get to that place where we can find a balance. But, I want to do music in such a way that I can be in concert like Barbra Streisand. I want to fashion my career like hers I won’t be a Tiwa Savage because music is her career. So, I can’t compete with her because of movies; but I’ve told people in the past that I almost love music more than movies. That is why I love to express myself a lot in music. I want to build my own place and be in concert and have people come to watch me. That’s the way I think I’ll be able to do music.
On a final note, will your son produce your songs?
Omotola Jalade: I would love him to produce me but we fight a lot and I complained a lot about that. But, I now understand that he is very finicky. He knows exactly and I don’t know if we can ever work together because we are both very headstrong. I will love to work with him because he is a very fantastic producer. Anyone who has met him says the same thing and he is the future and I’m not saying this because he is my son. Visit his website and check out his music.
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Tonto Dikeh Biography – Age, Family, Husband, Son, Movies, Songs

Tonto Dikeh Biography – Age, Family, Husband, Son, Movies, Songs  

Tonto Dikeh Biography

Tonto Dikeh is a Nigerian performing artist, vocalist, and altruist. She got her achievement in the wake of being the main sprinters up on the truth appear, ‘The Next Movie Star’ in 2006. After her second movie, ‘Sacred Cross’ at that point drove producers and executives to start throwing her in more movies. 

She is known for different Nollywood motion pictures however specifically, the film “Filthy Secret” achieved debate. This is on the grounds that it contained various grown-up scenes which at then was very remote (inconceivable) in the Nigerian film industry. Commentators have accused her of being untraditional and un-African, while others have said that Dikeh was simply being proficient. 

She later chose to attempt herself in music in the wake of showing up in a few films. She had anyway once highlighted in a music video by Amaco Investments where she and Patience Ozokwor emulated the tune. Dikeh at that point made her presentation with her singles ‘Hey’ and ‘Itz Ova’ highlighting Snypa. Her melodies were again gotten genuinely well the same number of lauded her endeavors while the commentators scrutinized her vocal capacity. There were questions about her choice to attempt music however she kept on with her music. 

She was disclosed under the record mark ‘DB Records LEE family’ by the pop star D’banj on thirteenth June 2014. She anyway reported her takeoff from the DB records in March 2015. Dikeh examined Petrochemical Engineering in the lofty Rivers State University of Science and Technology. 

Tonto Dikeh Age 

Dikeh was conceived on ninth June 1985 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is 33 years starting in 2018. 

Tonto Dikeh Family 

The performer was conceived Tonto Wigo Charity Dikeh and hails from Rivers State and is from Ikwerre, a subgroup of the Igbo clan. Conceived in a family of seven, she is the third resulting from her five kin and two kin from her progression mother. Her folks are Chief Sunny Dikeh and the late Mrs. Sunny Dikeh. She lost her mom at 3 years old. 

Tonto Dikeh Husband | Tonto Dikeh Married | Tonto Dikeh Wedding 

Dikeh is at present unmarried however was already hitched to Oladunni Churchill. The two were generally hitched in August 2015 however separated by February 2016. They have a child, Andre Omodayo Churchill. By June 2017, Tonto’s father restored her conventional marriage lady of the hour cost to his ex-child in law. 

Tonto Dikeh’s Wedding Photo

Tonto Dikeh Baby | Tonto Dikeh Child | Tonto Dikeh Son 

She has a child, Andre Omodayo Churchill. He turned two years of age on sixteenth February 2018. Dikeh and her repelled spouse, Olakunle Churchill, set their disparities aside, in any event for multi-day, to check their child’s second birthday celebration which occurred at their child King Andre’s school in Abuja. 

Tonto Dikeh Movies
Tea or Coffee
Pounds and Dollars
Missing Rib
Final Hour
Divine Grace
7 Graves
Crisis in Paradise
Away Match
Games Fools Play
The Plain Truth
Love my Way
Before the Fall
Total Love
Strength to Strength
Missing Child
Native Son
Dangerous Beauty
My Fantasy
Dirty Secret
Last Mission
Blackberry Babes Re-loaded
Secret Mission
Rush Hour
Fatal Mistake
Family Disgrace
Miss Maradonna
Mortal Desire
Criminal Widow 1
Criminal Widow 2
Then Terror of a Widow 1
Then Terror of a Widow 2
Battle of the Queens
Throne of War
Tonto Dikeh Songs
2012 Hi
2012 Itz Ova
2012 Crazically Fit (featuring Terry G)
2013 Jeje
2013 Sheba (featuring Solidstar)
2014 Ekebe
2015 Sugar Rush (featuring D’banj)

Tonto Dikeh Tattoos

She once said she has 57 tattoos on her body. The tattoos run through all parts of her body. One of the tattoos has the name ‘Tee‘ inscribed on her leg. She recently announced herself to be a born-again Christian and says she’s working on removing all her tattoos.
Tonto Dikeh Foundation

The talented actress is the founder of The Tonto Dikeh Foundation. It focuses on giving support to young girls who have either been raped, molested or assaulted. They give hope to such young girls by providing help to them through their partners depending on their individual cases, support them during the antenatal and postnatal period, mentor these young women so they can fit into the society again with a new sense of belonging and giving them a second chance in life to be great.
They also help the young mothers to take care of their kids by placing the kids into special homes, support their upkeep, feeding, education and anything a child will need to become great and most of all the foundation gives them shelter and security.
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Ini Edo Biography – Age, Kids, Husband, Marriage, Wedding, Movies

Ini Edo Biography – Age, Kids, Husband, Marriage, Wedding, Movies 

Ini Edo Biography

Iniekim Edo, famously known as Ini Edo is a Nigerian Nollywood actress. She was conceived on April 19, 1982, in Calabar, Cross River state, into a family of six. She went to Cornelia Connelly College in Calabar for her optional school instruction and delegated it with a recognition in Theater Arts from the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom. She later proceeded to contemplate for a full degree in English at the University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. 

Her invasion in Nollywood began amid when there was school strike when she ran with a companion to a tryout. She got the job in the film ‘Offspring of Destiny’. Anyway, her breakout job came when she acted in the film, ‘World Apart'(2004) and from that point forward she has not thought back, proceeding to act in excess of 100 movies, for example, ‘Diversions ladies Play’ Games Men Play and the continuation ‘Reloaded’. 

Ini opened another section in her vocation when she official delivered a destined to-be-discharged film, ‘Recollections of my Heart’. In acknowledgment to her commitment to the filmmaking in Nigeria, she was made a Glo Ambassador by the telecom mammoth Globacom. She is likewise as of late marked an arrangement to be the Face of Chivita, the well-known juice makers. Ini is hitched to Philip Ehiagwina and adores perusing books, watching movies and moving in her extra time. 

Ini Edo photos

Ini Edo Political arrangement 

Ini Edo was selected The Special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Culture And Tourism, by Udom Gabriel Emmanuel in 2016. 

Ini Edo Age 

Ini Edo was conceived on April 19, 1982, in Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria.

Ini Edo Twin Sister 

Ini Edo has a ‘twin sister ‘ called Esther Urrah who has different guardians and clearly she was conceived in another state. While performing artist Ini Edo is from Onna Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria, her alleged twin sister is from Benue State. 

Ini Edo Marriage – Ini Edo Husband

Ini Edo has opened up on her marriage, saying she has no lament parting ways with her significant other of six years. Ini Edo got hitched to an American-based Nigerian representative, Philip Ehiagwina in 2008 who was already hitched to a Nigerian-American model, Ruth Okoro. She left the marriage in September 2014, after allegations of aggressive behavior at home and deceiving. 

Ini Edo Wedding

Ini Edo Child – Ini Edo Kids

Ini Edo marriage crumbled and the couple did not have youngsters from the marriage. 

Ini Edo House 

Ini Edo claims a house in Lekki which cost seventy million Naira in 2014. She got her new house soon after her separation. As of now the house costs in excess of 80 million Naira. She is likewise an auto sweetheart. She possesses no less than three super costly autos, similar to a Brand New Mercedes G-Wagon G-65 for forty a huge number of Naira, Range Rover SUV and BMW X5.

Ini Edo Movies

List of Ini Edo Movies (List not exhaustive)
Royal gift 1-2 (2009
Blind Kingdom 1-2(2009)
Native Son 1 (2009)
Native Son 2 (2009)
Reloaded 2 (2008)
Reloaded 1(2008)
Sleek ladies 1 (2007)
Sleek ladies 2 (2007)
Ghetto Queen (2007)
Ghetto Queen 2 (2007)
Power of Beauty (2007)
Power of Beauty 2 (2007)
Political Control (2006)
Political Control 2 (2006)
Political Control 3 (2006)
Ass on Fire (2006)
Ass on Fire 2 (2006)
Breath Again (2006)
Breath Again 2 (2006)
Fatal Seduction (2006)
Fatal Seduction 2 (2006)
Games Men Play (2006)
Games Men Play 2 (2006)
Games Men Play 3 (2006)
Girls Cot (2006)
Girls Cot 2 (2006)
Girls Cot 3 (2006)
The Greatest Sacrifice 2 (2006)
The Greatest Sacrifice (2006)
Married to the Enemy (2006)
Married to the Enemy 2 (2006)
My Heart Your Home (2006)
My Heart Your Home 2 (2006)
No Where to Run (2006)
No Where to Run 2 (2006)
Price of Fame (2006)
Price of Fame 2 (2006)
Sacrifice for Love (2006)
Sacrifice for Love 2 (2006)
Secret Fantasy (2006)
Secret Fantasy 2 (2006)
Silence of the Gods (2006)
Silence of the Gods 2 (2006)
Supremacy (2006)
Supremacy 2 (2006)
Too Late to Claim (2006)
Too Late to Claim 2 (2006)
Total Control (2006)
Total Control 2 (2006)
Total Control 3 (2006)
Traumatised (2006)
Traumatised 2 (2006)
War Game (2006)
War Game 2 (2006)
War Game 3 (2006)
11:45… Too Late (2005)
11:45… Too Late 2 (2005)
The Bank Manager (2005)
The Begotten 2 (2005)
The Begotten (2005)
The Bet 2 (2005)
The Bet (2005)
Cold War (2005)
Cold War 2 (2005)
Crying Angel (2005)
Crying Angel 2 (2005)
Desperate Billionaire (2005)
Desperate Billionaire 2 (2005)
Desperate Need (2005)
Emotional Blackmail (2005)
Emotional Blackmail 2 (2005)
I Want My Money (2005)
I Want My Money 2 (2005)
Last Game (2005)
Last Picnic (2005)
Living in Tears (2005)
Living in Tears 2 (2005)
Living Without You (2005)
Living Without You 2 (2005)
Lonely Hearts (2005)
Lonely Hearts 2 (2005)
Men Do Cry (2005)
Men Do Cry 2 (2005)
My Precious Son (2005)
My Precious Son 2 (2005)
One God One Nation (2005)
One God One Nation 2 (2005)
Only Love (2005)
Only Love 2 (2005)
Pretty Angels (2005)
Pretty Angels 2 (2005)
Red Light (2005)
Red Light 2 (2005)
Royal Package (2005)
Royal Package 2 (2005)
Security Risk (2005)
Security Risk 2 (2005)
Songs of Sorrow (2005)
Songs of Sorrow 2 (2005)
Stronghold (2005) (V)
Stronghold 2 (2005)
Tears for Nancy (2005)
Tears for Nancy 2 (2005)
Ultimate Crisis (2005)
Unforeseen (2005)
Unforeseen 2 (2005)
Beautiful Faces (2004)
Beautiful Faces 2 (2004)
Eye of the Gods (2004)
Eye of the Gods 2 (2004)
Eyes of Love (2004)
Faces of Beauty (2004)
Faces of Beauty 2 (2004)
Indecent Girl (2004)
Indulgence (2004/II)
Indulgence 2 (2004)
I Swear (2004)
I Swear 2 (2004)
Legacy (2004)
Love Crime (2004)
Love Crime 2 (2004)
Love & Marriage (2004)
Negative Influence (2004)
Negative Influence 2 (2004)
Not Yours! (2004)
World Apart (2004)
World Apart 2 (2004)
The One I Trust (2003)

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Ruth Kadiri Biography – Married, Husband, Movies, Movies, Career

Ruth Kadiri Biography – Married, Husband, Movies, Movies, Career

Ruth Kadiri Biography 

Ruth Kadiri is a Nigerian movie actress, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She was conceived on March 24, 1988, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She is a product of Mass communication from the Univerity of Lagos, and Business Administration from Yaba College Of Technology. 

Ruth Kadiri wandered into Nollywood in the motion picture Boy’s Cot, where she featured nearby famous stars, for example, Nonso Diobi, Uche Jombo, Jim Iyke and Mike Ezuruonye. She has from that point forward more than fifty movies surprisingly, huge numbers of which she thought of herself. 

As a screenwriter she has composed and co-composed a few movies, some of which include: Matters Arising, Heart of a Fighter, Ladies Men, Sincerity, First Class, Over the Edge. Ruth proceeded to deliver movies, for example, Matters Arising, Over the Edge, Somebody Lied and her most recent work Memory Lane which manages the issue of falsehoods and double dealing. 

Ruth is likewise a giver. She propelled her own establishment called Ruth Kadiri Kids with a point of helping the underprivileged youngsters to accomplish their objectives and dreams through money-related gifts and rousing addresses. 

Ruth Kadiri Photo 

Ruth Kadiri Family 

The actress is from Edo State. She is the principal child in her family and has a more youthful sister. As per one of her meetings, she used to live with her mom and sister, while her dad lived outside Nigeria. 

Ruth Kadiri Married 

In a meeting, Ruth Kadiri uncovered that she has no power over when she would meet the correct individual or get hitched yet, would love to bring a family up in the correct way. She stated, “There are sure things we don’t have command over and finding the correct accomplice is one of them. You don’t choose when you locate the perfect individual, so wherever you end up at whatever point throughout everyday life, it’s essential to be upbeat at that stage.” 
“Obviously I wanna have children, I wanna have a family and I wanna do it right, so as an individual, I’m setting myself up for that stage for when it, in the end, comes yet for the time being I’m simply buckling down and endeavoring to be upbeat.” 

Ruth Kadiri Husband 

She purportedly has a beau, a prominent hurray kid who carries among Nigeria and London. He is hitched and has children in London and his significant other is completely mindful of the association with the actress. 
At a certain point, she dated Nollywood actor Stanley Ebonine, however the two before long floated separated. The Nigerian performing artist got connected with to her long time darling after he popped the inquiry at their Christmas supper date in Sweden in 2017. The film star took to her gram to report the blissful greetings. 

Ruth Kadiri Movies

Ruth isn’t just a performing artist, yet additionally a maker and screenwriter. she has composed, delivered and featured in numerous motion pictures. Here are only a couple of her most conspicuous works:

Breath of Love
Change of Ownership
Deceptive Heart
Heart of a Fighter
Honeymoon guys
Internet Hustlers
Ladies Gang
Limpopo Chicks
Mad Couple
Matters Arising
Mercy the Bus Driver
Negative Influence
Over the Edge
Somebody Lied
Stolen Lives
The Patient Girl
War for Limpopo
Yankee Students
Ruth Kadiri Video

Ruth Kadiri Interview

Source: Punch Nigeria

Has it always been your dream to become an actress?

Ruth Kadiri: My passion for acting started in the church, and that is why I see my career as an obligation to God. I started writing in my secondary school days before I began to attend auditions for movie roles. I can still remember my first audition; it was at the Wale Adenuga Studios where I later met a friend, Victor Eze, who had a writing school. I attended his school and graduated. I wrote my first script, ‘Wild and Dirty,’ and after that I continued to write some more till I started getting roles in movies that adapted my own scripts. That was how acting started for me. I had my first major breakthrough when I starred in, ‘Boy’s Cot,’ which featured acts like Jim Iyke, Nonso Diobi, Mike Ezerouye and Uche Jombo. It was a very great start for me and since then, I have never looked back.

What were some of the challenges you faced while building your career?

Ruth Kadiri: Like every other profession, starting up always has its challenges. However, I was determined and focused. For me, it was simply about making it in life and being successful. So I had to cross every obstacle that came my way with my head high. Thank God I passed through all the challenges and I proved to myself that I deserve to be successful.

Has your career influenced your style?

Ruth Kadiri: Definitely, I would say yes. My career, to a large extent, has influenced my style. Although my present style has always been what I rock, being a role model definitely also has a part to play in it. I cannot attempt to try some styles because I consider what people would think of me as a role model. Constantly being in the public glare does not leave room to be daring when it comes to fashion.

Thinking back, how would you describe your childhood?

Ruth Kadiri: I grew up like every normal kid; though far from being born with a silver spoon. While growing up, my greatest asset was hope. I learnt things the hard way as a child, having great and early experiences, giving clearer understanding of the struggles one has to go through as a child hoping to become someone in life, a lot of obstacles, discriminations, and rejections, high shouldered responsibilities but I thank God for what I am today and what the future holds, all challenges I faced, helped me become the person I am today.
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mercy Johnson Biography – Age, Husband, Movie, Sister, Family, Children, Twin sister

Mercy Johnson Biography | Mercy Johnson Okojie

Mercy Johnson Okojie is a mainstream Nollywood performer and a motivational speaker. Mercy made her acting introduction in the motion picture, “The Maid” in which she assumed the job of a had house help. Her execution in the film shot her into the spotlight and she has acted in other real motion pictures from that point forward. She is from Okene in Kogi state, Nigeria. 

Mercy Johnson Education

She went to Nigerian Navy grade school, Ojo, and after that moved to Nigerian naval force optional school Bonkiri port-Harcourt. From that point, she picked up a degree in software engineering at then NVC Port-Harcourt. Inevitably she inspired admission to contemplate English dialect at the Lagos State University yet after her second year she conceded because of a money-related imperative. 

Mercy Johnson Age.

Johnson was conceived on August 28th, 1984 in Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. She is 34 years of age starting in 2018.

Mercy Johnson Photo 

Mercy Johnson Family | Mercy Johnson Brothers And Sisters

She was conceived Mercy Johnson Ozioma and originates from a vast group of seven youngsters. Her folks are Daniel Johnson, a military man, and Elizabeth Johnson. (Her mom passed on in May 2018) Mercy is the center kid with three more established sisters and three more youthful siblings. Her senior sisters trained her to deal with her family and do house errands while her siblings made her a boyish girl who appreciated diversions and exercises that are customarily intended for young men. 

Her kin are not open figures and they avoid the spotlight and the performing artist does her best to secure their protection 

Mercy Johnson Husband | Mercy Johnson Wedding 

Mercy Johnson marries her better half Prince Odianosen Okojie, famously known as ODI in 2011. Their wedding function was held at Christ Embassy, Oregun, Ikeja, following a customary marriage on 26th August at Iyana Iba Lagos. It was a great occasion gone to by numerous dignitaries including Nollywood stars and best government authorities. 

Mercy Johnson Children | Mercy Johnson Kids

The capable performer has three kids with her significant ODI. Her first youngster, a young lady by the name Purity, was conceived in 2012, while her child Henry was conceived in 2014 and her last conceived, a little girl as well, Angel, in 2015.  

Mercy Johnson Twin Sister 

Mercy Johnson doesn’t have any twin kin. Be that as it may, some time back, Nigerian web clients were astonished to see news about a mystery twin sister of Mercy Johnson that looked totally indistinguishable to the actress. The lady in the photos is just a clone of the darling Nollywood star. It’s just a fun fortuitous event. 

Mercy Johnson Movies | Mercy Johnson Films 

Mercy Johnson Okojie began her film vocation in acting in 2003, after her auxiliary school examination, to help the family and from that point forward she has highlighted in more than 400 movies. Some of them are:

2004 The Maid
2004 Into Temptation
2004 House Party
2005 Women in Power
2005 Lost to Lust
2005 Kill the Bride
2006 Under the Sky
2006 Under Control
2006 Thanksgiving
2006 Sweet Mama
2006 Pay Day
2006 Painful World
2006 One-Bullet
2006 Oath of a Priest
2006 Married to the Enemy
2006 Last Kiss
2006 Endless Night
2006 Emotional Blunder
2006 Dear Mama
2006 19 Macaulay Street
2007 Wealth Aside
2007 Twist of Fate
2007 The Scorpion God
2007 The Last Tradition
2007 Take Me Home
2007 Sunny My Son
2007 She is My Sister
2007 Power of Justice
2007 My Beloved Son
2007 Look Into My Eyes
2007 Kolomental
2007 Keziah
2007 Genevieve
2007 Evil Agenda
2007 Desperate Ladies
2007 Crisis in Paradise
2007 Breath of Anger
2007 Area Mama
2008 Tiger King
2008 The Gods Are Wise
2008 Temple of Justice
2008 Tell Me Why
2008 Soul Of A Maiden
2008 Strength to Strength
2008 Sin No More
2008 Live to Remember
2008 Kiss My Pain
2008 Forest of Promises
2008 Don’t Wanna Be a Player
2008 Corporate Maid
2008 Act of Faith
2009 Tears of Hope
2009 Royal Tears
2009 Sound of Pain
2009 Sexy Girls
2009 Heat of the Moment
2009 Entanglement
2009 Clash of Twins
2009 Beyond Desire
2009 A Weeping Soul
2010 A Cry for Justice
2011 White Chapel
2011 Where Money Sleep
2011 Weeping Soul
2011 The Seekers
2011 The Code
2011 Secret Code
2011 Thanks for Coming
2011 Gallant Babes
2011 Mirror of Life
2011 End of Mirror of Life
2011 Jewels of the Sun
2011 Heart of a Widow
2011 Heart of a Fighter
2012 World of the Mind
2012 My World
2012 Mercy the Bus Driver
2012 Heart of a Saint
2012 Sins of the Past
2012 Hand of Fate
2012 Brave Mind
2012 Deep Water
2012 The Enemy I See
2012 Power Of A Kiss
2013 Baby Oku In America
2014 Hustlers
2014 Bloody Ring
2015 Thy Will Be Done

Mercy Johnson Awards

Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in the film Live To Remember – 2009

Best of Nollywood Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film Live To Remember – 2009

Nollywood Movies Award for Best Actress In Leading Role in the film, Weeping Soul – 2012

Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for Best Actress in Comedy in the film Dumebi The Dirty Girl – 2013

Nollywood Movies Award for Popular Choice-Female – 2014

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