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Zlatan Ibile Biography – Net Worth, Age & Music Career

Zlatan Ibile Biography – Net Worth, Age & Music Career

Real names Omoniyi Temidayo, Zlatan Ibile is a fast rising Nigerian indigenous rapper, artiste, Songwriter and entertainer. Zlatan Ibile was born on the 28th of November 1995 in Osun State and was indeed very gifted, creative, and talented.

Zlatan Ibile attended and graduated from Mashood Abiola Polytechnic with a degree of Business Administration.

During an interview with Goldmyne TV Zlatan Ibile. He said he never thought of doing music until he started escorting his friends to the studio when he has nothing to do at home.

He stated, “I started music when I finished SSCE in 2011. While waiting for admission, I started following my friends to the studio and I got influenced. But I was a church boy, I played drums and I had a knowledge of music.

At the point when my companions said they needed me to be a piece of a tune, I concurred. It was a rap melody and individuals cherished my part.

It began bit by bit from that point and I proceeded to win a vehicle when the then Airtel sorted out a rap rivalry in my school, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.”

However, as per him, he didn’t make a difference for the challenge himself. It was a companion who knew his capacity that brought a SIM-card that was expected to get a structure and constrained him to contend.

At age 19 Zlatan Ibile developed champ of the One Mic Campus Tour, after a zapping exhibition at the excellent finale of the music ability chase supported by driving telecom specialist co-op, Airtel Nigeria.

Zlatan Ibile songs and features:

1. Glory

2. Zanku (Leg Wok)

3. Murphy McCarthy Ft. Zlatan – Gawu

4. Bum Bum Ft Davido

5. Kunta – A Day Money ft. Chinko Ekun x Zlatan Ibile

6. Zlatan Ibile – Ninu Aye Ft Gentle Dee

7. Osanle Ft Davido

He has also featured in some best selling songs including, KILLIN DEM (By Burna boy) and ABLE GOD (by Chinko ekun).

Zlatan Ibile Net Worth

Zlatan Ibile has just began making good money from song sales and performances and still has a long way to go. KUNAIJA Places his net worth at around $100,000.


Social Media Profile

Instagram @zlatan_ibile
Twitter @Zlatan_ibile

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Rachael Okonkwo Biography – Husband, Parents, Wedding, Movie, Age, IMBD, Family

Rachael Okonkwo Biography – Husband, Parents, Wedding, Movie, Age, IMBD, Family

Rachael Okonkwo Biography

Rachael Okonkwo whose full name is Rachael Ncheta Okonkwo was popularly known as Nkoli Nwasukka, is a Nollywood Actress, Singer, and a dancer.

Rachael Okonkwo Age

She was Born on 26th May 1987. She hails from Enugu State, Ukpata in Uzo Uwani Local Government area Located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. She started.

She started acting when she was a child, and due to competitiveness in Nigerian Nollywood and lack of movie roles, given to her, she switched to a dancing career. Rachael Okonkwo joined Nigerian Nollywood in the year 2007 where she played minor roles.
In 2014 “Nkoli NWA Nsukka” the Movie was the movie that gave her the breakthrough in the year 2014. She played the lead and major character in the movie. He got recognition after the movie, both directors and producers now recognized her existence. The young Nollywood actress knows where she came from and want to give to the society back she single-handedly hosts an annual carnival called Nkoli Nwa Nsukka children carnival, and the aim to provide free gifts to children and giving then support in what they are doing.
She did the first carnival in 2015 which took place in Enugu and the second one in 2016 which took place in Onitsha. In 2017 it was held in Nsukka her town. The carnival was graced by the fellow Celebrities that came out to support her massively. The likes of Ken Erics, Angela Okorie, Nonso Diobi, Slow Dog etc.
In 2016 City People Entertainment Awards gave her an award of Best Supporting Actress. In 2015 Karis Media Awards gave her Best Supporting Actress of the year.
Is Rachael Okonkwo married?
Rachael Okonkwo is not yet married she is still single. And the young actress said that she will not sacrifice her acting career with marriage, but she said in family aspect she can combine the two. Rachael Okonkwo Husband can be an actor she said in some interviews given to her… And a man that will understand the kind of work she is doing and God-fearing and take her the way she is.

Rachael Okonkwo Movie

Teri Teri
Arthur One Eye
Onwa Na South
Left Over
Zee World Madness
University girls
Vale of Tears
Not My Child
Justify My Love
Eno my calabar love
Ijele the princess of fire
Local Prostitute
Please leave my husband
Tears Of Betrayal
The Gods Anger
Bloody War
Paw Paw the guitar boy
Nkoli Nwa Nsukka
Sister Esther
Open & Close
Royal War 2
Nkoli NWA Nsukka Interview By Newton-Ray Ukwuoma 

How did your journey into the movie industry begin?

It began in 2005 when I officially joined Nollywood. I acted in about 7 movies and stopped. The experience was terrible for me. I then joined the music industry as a dancer. I danced so much that people started calling me ‘oteegwu’[Igbo: great dancer] because I appeared in most gospel music videos in the market then. I went back to Nollywood and continued acting and eventually the movie, “Nkoli Nwa Nsukka” came and gave me the break.

Did you ever encounter s3xual harassment in the beginning?

No, I did not, and I have not. It is not the way people talk about it.

So, why was the experience terrible?

I don’t want to talk about it. But, simply put, not many people believed in me in the beginning. So, it was difficult.


Were your parents in support?

I lost my father at the age of 13. My mother did not support my acting career initially because she felt I was not on the right track. But after she saw my potential, she became my biggest fan and supporter. Her prayers and that of my siblings and fans keep me going.

With your father’s demise, how was growing up for you?

It was not rosy at all after he died. I hawked corn, groundnut and did all manner of menial jobs to survive and helped my family. But I did not lose focus.

In that state, did you see yourself becoming famous?

Not really, even though I always believed in myself, fame actually took me unawares. I had no idea I will be where I am today. I give God all the glory.

You are famous for your role in the movie series, Nkoli Nwa Nsukka. What was your initial challenge of interpreting the role?

Before Nkoli, I had done Olamma, the Cripple, King Harold, and Marine Daughters among others. So, when I got the script after the audition, I was nervous and curious at the same time. I didn’t see myself as a comedian or someone who could play a comic character, so that was the initial challenge. But when we started shooting, the director had to work on me; and I got a better scene after scene.

You once said that not many people thought you would make it the industry because you weren’t tall enough and rich. Were these part of the difficulties you faced?
Yes, but that is in the past now.

Can you share one of your best moments as an actress?

One of my best moments as Nkoli Nwa Nsukka was when we were shooting Nkoli Nwa Nsukka seasons 5 & 6. We got to a location and people did not allow me to shoot because they saw Nkoli Nwa Nsukka. I never knew I had become that popular. In fact, I ran back inside the car and started crying, tears of joy.

How do you deal with stubborn fans?

I try to manage them very well because I see them as my well-wishers. Without people like them, we won’t feel appreciated. God will always bless my fans for me.

Any embarrassing moment with a fan you can’t forget?

Yes o. I came out of my car to inquire something from someone and on noticing I was the one, the young man jumped up and kissed me right on my lips. And this happened in a traffic jam; so, many people saw it. I can’t forget that day in a hurry. I felt so embarrassed that I felt like disappearing from there. It was one of those things.

Aside movies, what else do you do?

Property management; I buy and sell properties.

You organize carnival every Easter for children. How were this years?

The 2018 Nkoli Nwa Nsukka Children’s Easter Carnival was awesome. We expected no fewer than 20,000 children this year. We had thousands of gifts for them, bicycles, school bags, food items, clothes, books, and other learning materials. It took place at the Government Field, Nsukka and this year’s edition was the best ever. God has been awesome in my life and that is why I took it to the next level. Everything was double, double as it is said in local parlance.

This is the third edition. What is the motivation for the annual event?

It is my way of giving back to the society after all that God has been doing for me. Since Nkoli Nwa Nsukka came out people have been showing me, love. I appreciate all they have done and still do for me. This is my own way of saying, thank you. I also want to thank Aqua Rapha, Eforevo TV, and Royal Edge Celebration among others for supporting and sponsoring the carnival over the years.

I’m living my dreams — Senth5

Do you intend to bring it to Lagos someday?

Yes. The next one is likely going to be in Lagos. So, let’s see as it goes.

You love kids apparently, but how many kids do you intend to have?

As many as God gives me.

When should we expect the wedding bells to ring?

As soon as Oyom (Igbo: my fiancé) is ready for us to walk down the aisle (laughs).

Are you currently in a relationship?


How do you assess men for an intimate relationship?

The one that understands me more than all the men in the world, (laughs) the one that understands the nature of my job and is hardworking and has the fear of God in him will mostly qualify. I know, no man is perfect but kudos to those who try.

Have you ever been heartbroken?


How did you deal with it?

I picked up the pieces of my heart and moved on (laughs). You know how it feels watching someone you so much cherish leave you probably for another girl but thank God someone better has taken the place.

What makes Rachael different?

She doesn’t try to be like anyone else. She believes in the uniqueness of man and wishes everyone well because she doesn’t believe in competition.

Before you joined the movie industry, were there actresses you looked up to?

Yes. I looked up to Genevieve and still look up to her because she has lasted in the industry and is still holding it down. She is indeed an icon. I love and respect Tonto Dike very much. She is strong and passionate about her career. I can’t forget her words of encouragement the first time I worked with her. Funke Akindele is another actress I admire so much. She is in her own world and I respect her for that. Angelina Jolie is a role model too.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by God, kids, and love for humanity. Nothing gives me joy like touching lives positively.

Do you plan to go into movie production?

Yes, but not anytime soon. Right time, I want to concentrate on my acting career.

What makes you cry?

Worship songs because they remind me of God’s goodness in my life. I can be so emotional with such songs.

What do you think should be done to take Nollywood higher?

We need more investors. Funding has been a major challenge. Marketing is another challenge but with proper funding and monitoring of the market, we can take the industry to the next level. Shout out to those who have remained steadfast in the game. The industry keeps getting better by the day.

What has fame deprived you of?

The same old me. I am trying to be the same old me, but it is getting difficult by the day.

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Chinenye Ulaegbu Biography – Age, Career, Family, Movie, Wiki, Contact

Chinenye Ulaegbu Biography – Age, Career, Family, Movie, Wiki, Contact

Chinenye Ulaegbu is a fast-rising Nollywood star, a fitness trainer, a  model and also a dancer.  She attended her primary and secondary education in Nasarawa State. She was born in 1994. Chinenye Ulaegbu moved into Enugu state in 2012 and got admitted to study banking and finance in IMT (Institute and Management and Technology) and graduated with 2017 class. 
Moving into Enugu after her  secondary education with nothing but her luggage and not knowing who she was or who she wanted to be, Chinenye Ulaegbu has done so well for herself in recent years, she danced on stages for money, she Did a lot of ushering, she walked on runways, did some magazine shoots, did calendar job and appeared  in some music videos. She’s really a strong hard working woman that is worth emulating. There’s no doubt that her hustle and resilience will take her places.

She took her first movie role in 2015.  Where she played “Udoka” in the movie “the stone” produced my Chuks movies ltd and directed by Ikechukwu Onyeka where she did amazingly well. In the same year,  she got cast again by the same filmmaker  where she played the role of a street girl in the movie “Asa wa wa”, Ulaegbu took a break from the industry to complete her studies after she played the role  of a side-chick in the movie “Dear Emily” a movie by Media Royal  in the same year.
Chinenye came to the realization that she would actually make it big in Nollywood when her movies started showing on Africa Magic Epic in 2016. “I thought I was done with acting until I watched myself on screen”, Chinenye Ulaegbu quoted, she also said “i didn’t do so badly but I knew I had a lot to learn if I wanted to stand out in my craft”.

So she took some acting classes at screen academy and films (SAF) in 2017. Chinenye Ulaegbu graduated top of her class on acting and she landed her first lead role in the Igbo movies “Onuma and Nkem”. In January 2018 Chinenye set a target for herself to do up to 20 movies as an intro to the industry.  
Her first movie in 2018 was “life” where she played the supporting lead role alongside Mary Lazarus, Yemi black, and Seun akindele. Immediately after that, she got cast for a major role in “Ojukwu” the series by ROK through an audition. After the movie “Ojukwu”, Chinenye Ulaegbu has been landing roles and shooting back to back.

She has done up to sixteen movies in 2018 and worked with great directors such as … Chris Enengi, Timber Emelobe, Okey Zubem, Caz Chidebere, Charles Uwagbai, Mustapha Edochie, Kenny Basil, Domben etc.. She’s hitting your screams hard. Ulaegbu she also featured in Ada Nike the movie produced by Ifeanyi Charles and directed by Ezeking Ugochukwu.

She’s a face to look out. When she isn’t on the set of any movie, she spends time in the gym working out and training other people. As a fitness trainer, Chinenye Ulaegbu gets the jobs of endorsing different gyms and still running her online fitness classes. She has trained hundreds of people in the past year and has a sports brand of her own called “Dioda sportswear”.

She’s currently working on expanding her brand to becoming the best sports brand in Africa. Chinenye Ulaegbu is also a model who landed her biggest endorsement in 2017, she’s currently one of Favhair ambassadors, she has her face on BRT busses running the streets of Lagos and she hopes to get more endorsements. 
Her social media contact, follow her on Instagram & Twitter  @diodafitness @diodasports Facebook Chinenye Ulaegbu.

What the heart sees
Trials of mape 
king Azula 
The sky warrior   
Costly mistake
The sapphic
The pregnant virgin 
Mr Lecturer
Blood and tears
Ada Nike
The stone
Asa wa wa  
Dear Emily 
Onuma and Nkem
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