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Uche Jombo Biography – Age, Wedding, Husband, Children, Movies

Uche Jombo Biography – Age, Wedding, Husband, Children, Movies 

Uche Jombo Biography

Uche Jombo is a Nigerian performing artist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She was conceived on December 28, 1979, in Abiriba, Abia State, Nigeria. She is an alum of Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Calabar, and Computer Programming from the Federal University of Technology Minna. 

Uche Jombo Age

Uche Jombo was conceived on December 28, 1979, in Abiriba, Nigeria. She is 38 years of age starting in 2018. 

Uche Jombo Husband – Uche Jombo Marriage 

Uche strolled down the passageway with her American-Puerto Rican conceived spouse, Kenny Rodriguezon May 16, 2012, in a relaxed wedding that occurred on the shores of Puerto Rico, in the northeastern Caribbean. 

Uche Jombo Baby – Uche Jombo Children

Uche Jombo and her significant other Kenny Rodriguezon have a child together who is called Matthew Rodriguez.

Uche Jombo Career 

Uche Jombo made her movie career a big appearance as a performing artist more than 13 years back in ‘Visa to Hell.’ We have watched her develop into a standout amongst the best, genuine disapproved of on-screen characters of her age, diverting her profession with her job in the hit motion picture Games Men Play, a film in which she served as a performer and co- essayist. This consoles her fans that underneath the immaculate outside prowls a lady with numerous abilities: an on-screen character, author and maker. 

She is in all unobtrusiveness a genuine result of diligent work and self-conviction, having picked up acknowledgment as a standout amongst the most regarded female acts who worked her way to the best. She has won the resolute reverence of a huge number of fans worldwide but keeps on pioneering the trail, motivating up and coming acts around her. 

With the elements that accompany the activity, she has developed and has accomplished worldwide acknowledgment as an adaptable performing artist; she’s has more than 60 motion pictures to her acting credit, 20 screenplays and 14 motion pictures as an official maker. 
An adherent to the new Nollywood (new time), she is focused on observing a quantum jump in the nature of the motion pictures in the business through her creation organization UCHE JOMBO STUDIOS. 

Uche Jombo is the official maker of films, for example, Nollywood Hustlers, Holding Hope, Damage, Broken Silence, My Life My Damage, The Place, A Mother’s Fight, Misplaced, Lies Men Tell, False, After the Proposal, Unconditional, Under Your Skin, Oge’s Sister, Almost Perfect. 

She works in an NGO, Uche Jombo and You, helping the Nigerian youth with dreams of getting to be essayists and performing artists realize their fantasies. 

Uche Jombo Weight Loss 

Uche Jombo shed a portion of the additional pounds she had gained.

Uche Jombo Movies

Oge’s Sister (2015) Actor/Writer/Producer
Almost Perfect (2015) Actor/Producer
Under Your Skin (2014) Actor/ Producer
After the Proposal (2014) Actor/ Producer
Unconditional (2014) Actor/Producer/Writer
Lies Men Tell (2013) Actor/Producer/Writer
False (2013) Actor/Producer
Blood or Wine (2013) Actor
Lonely Heart (2013) Actor
Lagos Cougars (2013) Actor
Broken silence(2012) Actor/ Producer
Mrs somebody(2012) Actor
Blood or wine(2012) Actor
The place(2012) Actor
Misplaced(2012) Actor/ Producer
A mother’s fight(2012) Actor/ Producer
Damage (2011) Actor/ Producer/Writer
Player No 1 (2011) Actor
Holding Hope (2011) Actor/ Producer/ Writer
Kiss and Tell (2011) Actor
Unguarded (2011) Actor
Nollywood Hustlers (2010) Actor/ Producer
Rebrand (2010) Actor
Too Much (2010) Actor
Silent Scandals (2010) Actor
Memories of My Heart (2010) Actor
Brutal Heart (2010) Actor
Mad Sex (2010) Actor
Titanic Sister (2009) Actor
The Celebrity (2009) Actor/Writer
Through the Fire (2009) Actor
Between Two Worlds (2009) Actor
Chase (2009) Actor
The Generals (2008) Actor
The One For Me (2008) Actor
Sweet Pain (2008) Actor
World of Honor (2008) Actor
Strength of Faith (2008) Actor
Sacred Heart (2008) Actor
Smackdown (2008) Actor
Reloaded (2008) Actor
When The Heart Lies (2008) Actor
Feel My Pain (2008) Actor
Beyonce and Rihanna (2008) Actor
Solid Affection (2008) Actor
What Went Wrong (2008) Actor
Winds of Mistake (2008) Actor
Total War (2007) Actor
Behind the Truth (2007) Actor
Blessed Among Women (2007) Actor
Most Wanted Bachelor (2007) Actor
Be My Wife (2007) Actor/Writer
Why Me Father (2007) Actor
Keep My Will (2007) Actor
Boys Cot (2007) Actor
House of Commotion (2007) Actor
Price of Fame (2007) Actor/Writer
Yahoo Millionaire (2007) Actor
Love Wins (2007) Actor
Divided Heart (2007) Actor
Bone in the Neck (2007) Actor
Tower of Beauty (2007) Actor
Hottest Babes (2007) Actor
Girls Cot (2007) Actor
Blood for Tears (2006) Actor
Perfect Planner (2006) Actor
Rush Hour (2006) Actor
Wrong Woman (2006) Actor
Women of Faith (2006) Actor
My Sister My Love (2006) Actor
A Price To Pay (2006) Actor
Greatest Harvest (2006) Actor
Games Men Play (2005) Actor/Writer
Endless Lies (2005) Actor/Writer
Fire Love (2005) Actor
Koko Babes (2005) Actor
Corporate Runs (2005) Actor
Secret Fantasy (2005) Actor
A Time To Love (2005) Actor/Writer
Black Bra (2005) Actor
Girls in The Hood (2004) Actor
Total Crisis (2004) Actor
A Cry for Help 3 (2003) Actor
Darkest Night (2003) Actor
Rumours (2003) Actor
Ordained (2002) Actor
To Love Forever (2002) Actor/Writer
Sleeping with the Enemy (2002) Actor
Shakara (2000) Actor
Girls Hostel (2000) Actor
Visa to Hell (2000) Actor
Adure (2000) Actor
Love Boat (2000) Actor
Ordained (2000) Actor/Writer
Price of Peace
White Gold Sellers
Caught in the Act

Uche Jombo Interview

Interviewer: Hi Uche. It’s been a bit of a task getting you to sit down for this interview. You seem to have been very busy lately. What have you been up to?

Uche Jombo: We are trying to clear out. We have some productions from my production company, Uche Jombo Studios so I’m basically doing more of post-production work. My Life My Damage, we are looking at starting the tour in September. And i’m working on another comedy which I was the co-executive producer with Desmond Elliott. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’m happy to say that the special effects are coming out as expected.

Interviewer: Tell me about some of the movies we should be expecting to see you featured in soon.

Uche Jombo: Mrs Somebody, a comic look at the pressure to get married in the everyday Nigerian society by Emem Isong. Holding Hopes, Broken Silence which has Uti Nwachukwu and Tonto Dikeh. Also Ikenna, an epic is coming out soon. I also just finished a film, Misplaced Affections.

Interviewer: I read somewhere that you’re affiliated with a Reality TV Show, Nollywood Search in the UK. What is your role in it?

Uche Jombo: It’s organized by Nollywood Uncut. I got interested in their script. It’s not my show per say but whoever wins will work with us.

Interviewer: Your movie, Damage has been out for over a year now. How has the reception been?

Uche Jombo: It’s been fantastic. We are also online where people can pay to watch it on We are also going to upload soon on DVD.
Damage is a trilogy. We are on the second one now which is My Life My Damage which is about drugs and HIV. It is more student-friendly so we are thinking of doing a proper tour for Nigerian Universities outside the premiere because it is that kind of movie.

Recalling the Early Years

Interviewer: Now Uche, please take me back to the beginning of your acting career. How did you step into shoes of an actress?

Uche Jombo: I know it sounds like a cliché but it was just about being at the right place at the right time. It was almost like a challenge. I was asked “Can you act?” I was like “Yes I can” and I was given a script to read even though that was not what I went there for. That is how I got my first role from Fidelis Duker in 1999. Eventually, the movie, Visa To Hell came out in 2000.

Interviewer: How has the journey been so far? What encouragement would you give to people just starting out in their acting career?

Uche Jombo: I’d like to say it’s been rosy but that is not how it was. It’s been a struggle but by God’s grace, it’s been a successful story. I always tell people starting that it’s always about self belief because in this business you are going to get lots of no’s before you get the yes’. But don’t be discouraged. Work more on your craft and self confidence.

Interviewer: You started out acting mostly ‘Tom Boy’ roles but have now grown to the leading ‘Diva’ kind of roles. Tell me about your career growth.

Uche Jombo: I’m one of those people who would be right if I say I started from a very humble beginning in my career. I did lots of supporting roles and behind the scenes. I think to be consistent at what you do, at a point you should work on yourself more.
I’m in love with the art. It was never about money or fame with me. I can’t count how many movies I did without payment. So when you pursue whatever you do with a passion and the love you have for it, it might not be that lucrative at the beginning but at the end of the day, every other thing follows. That’s how it’s been for me.

Interviewer: Did your ‘Tom Boy’ status in movies then have anything to do with what you were like when growing up?

Uche Jombo: I was not an easy child. I did everything teenagers do but probably more. My mother was so scared that she had to enroll me in a church drama group and quarterly they give the best drama student scholarship so three years out of my secondary school was paid for by the church. She did that because I was always either trying to play ball with boys or climbing trees.

Interviewer: That is funny. What is your educational background like?

Uche Jombo: I read Mathematics and Statistics as my first degree at University of Calabar and Computer Programming as my Post Graduate Diploma at Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Interviewer: You have two degrees and decided to put it aside for acting? Why?

Uche Jombo: Acting is a way of life. For me, acting is something you are born with. It’s either you are born with it or you’re not. I have a friend who is a graduate of Theater Arts. She cannot act to save her life so it’s really not about what you have read. It’s looking at how you can be useful to yourself and the society.

Fashion & Style

Interviewer: I watched a show once where the camera had a peek into your wardrobe and showed that you have quite a large number of shoes…

Uche Jombo: Shoes was one of my guilty pleasures but now it’s equipment for my work.

Interviewer: Why do you have this love for shoes?

Uche Jombo: Because I am short. I am five feet four inches. And then, someone said to me once, “if you don’t have the height you can just buy it.” I do not own one pair of flats.

Growth & Controversies

Interviewer: A number of Nigerian actors are spreading their wings into the Hollywood scene. Do you have any plans to do something similar to that?

Uche Jombo: I’ve always said I won’t go to Hollywood, Hollywood will come to us. It’s not about up and going to Hollywood to look for roles. Do you know how many actors are jobless in Hollywood? Lots of them. You cannot be more American than the American, you can only be you. What makes us peculiar is that we are African people, telling African stories to Africans. It’s about Hollywood coming to us because there is a void which we are going to fill.

Interviewer: You are one of the few Nollywood actresses to clinch a Glo Ambassador deal. How did you get it?

Uche Jombo: I got it like every other person. They did profiles for some actors and they called. At first, I thought it was a joke.

Interviewer: As a celebrity, you might have been sometimes misinterpreted or wrongly accused by the media. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever read or heard about yourself?

Uche Jombo: The abortion one, the one I am in court for. It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard about myself.  You don’t say someone lost weight because they aborted a six-month pregnancy. That is actually not intelligent because when people are pregnant, they actually add weight. I lost weight for a movie ‘Holding Hope’ and that’s what started the whole thing.
And also the one I heard now that I did a nose job. Of all the things I could do to my body, is it my nose I would want to fix? Sometimes, you pick up a paper and the only truth you read there about yourself is your name.

Interviewer: That was a long time ago. How long has the case been in court?

Uche Jombo: We’ve been in court for over two years but it’s OK, I have the time.

Interviewer: Is the publication still being circulated?

Uche Jombo: It’s still on but I intend to close it even if it’s the last thing I do.

Just for fun

Interviewer: On a lighter note now, if you were stuck on a lonely island, what three things would you love to have with you?

Uche Jombo: My Bible, my water and my husband.

Interviewer: What is your favourite colour?

Uche Jombo: It used to be black and then I didn’t know when it came to blue. I just go with the flow, I don’t really have a favorite color now.

Interviewer: Do you cook often? 

Uche Jombo: Yes but not as often as I want to.

Interviewer: What meal do you have the biggest challenge with when cooking?

Uche Jombo: If I have a challenge about cooking a particular meal, I just won’t cook it. Cooking has to be fun for me. It has to be something I know I can make.

Interviewer: Tell me something most people don’t know about you?

Uche Jombo: I have Insomnia. I called my producer up one time and she was sounding very sleepy and then I checked the time and it was past two am. I had no idea. When people say they have time changes affecting them, not me. I just write or I am in the studio.

The Wedding of her Dreams

Interviewer: The news has been buzzing for a while that you got married in Puerto Rico last month, but you’ve been quiet about it. Why?

Uche Jombo: Because I have an exclusive publication already on that and eventually, BN would also have it. I also don’t want it to just be all over the place. The whole point was doing something that is totally unexpected. People were busy writing what they didn’t know. I have a right to say this is the information I want out and this is the information I don’t want out. Also because it has stopped being me and now us, we have to continuously agree to how we want stuff done. I am from a different background and my partner is from a different background. We just wanted to savour the moment.

Interviewer: I’m itching to hear more about your wedding. Was it a fairy tale kind of wedding?

Uche Jombo: It was exactly the kind of wedding I wanted. Every bride has a dream wedding. I had always wanted that kind of simple beach wedding. I went on vacation last year in Puerto Rico Island and I loved it and I said I would like to come back there for my wedding.

Interviewer: Tell me about your husband. Where is he from? How did you meet him?

Uche Jombo: Contrary to what I’ve been hearing in the media, he is American and not from Puerto Rico. He has been to Puerto Rico twice and those times were with me. Once on vacation and then we went back for our wedding. He is a New Yorker, he works and lives in New York.
Also, contrary to what I’ve been hearing that I met him online, no I did not. He came to talk to me about some business venture and that’s how we started talking. I met him through a mutual friend who is his business partner.

Interviewer: What attracted you to him?
Uche Jombo: His positive energy, it’s amazing.

Interviewer: How long did you date before getting married?

Uche Jombo: Not up to a year. I met him last year.

Interviewer: Was there any particular reason why Desmond Elliott was the only Nollywood star that attended your wedding?

Uche Jombo: He is one of my oldest friends in Nollywood. I don’t know anybody as long as I’ve known Desmond in Nollywood.

Interviewer: Were you able to have most of your family members in Puerto Rico to share your memorable day with you?

Uche Jombo: No, not everybody.

Interviewer: What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever said or done for you?

Uche Jombo: He is not like anybody I’ve met before. He is certainly the most romantic person I’ve ever met in my whole life, needless to say, that is why I married him.

Interviewer: Wow, that’s really sweet. How did he propose to you?

Uche Jombo: He actually proposed twice! The first time, we just continued talking. The second time, we went jet skiing and I was so scared. The water was so deep, you had to swim like eight feet into the water to get to the bike. I consider myself a very good swimmer but that day, the tides kept pushing me back. By the time I got there, I was so mad, I said “I am so going to kill you” and he said “why don’t you just marry me and then you can kill me afterwards”. And I was like “very funny”, and he said “you haven’t given me an answer”. That was when I knew. Since I didn’t kill him there I said I was going to go back to that exact beach and have our wedding there.

Interviewer: You’re here in Nigeria and he is back in America. How are you coping with the long distance separating you both?

Uche Jombo: It’s not really long distance because I’m only here when I’m working. When I’m not working, I’m with him.

Interviewer: I know it’s been just over a month now but how has married life been for you so far?

Uche Jombo: Well, we just started so we are still at that point where everything is rosy.

Interviewer: Is there going to be any name change for you?

Uche Jombo: There was in the marriage license but because I’m a brand, in order not to confuse people, you can still call me Uche Jombo. Uche Jombo and Mrs. Rodriguez are two different people. One is the brand and one is the wife.

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Ruth Kadiri Biography – Married, Husband, Movies, Movies, Career

Ruth Kadiri Biography – Married, Husband, Movies, Movies, Career

Ruth Kadiri Biography 

Ruth Kadiri is a Nigerian movie actress, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She was conceived on March 24, 1988, in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. She is a product of Mass communication from the Univerity of Lagos, and Business Administration from Yaba College Of Technology. 

Ruth Kadiri wandered into Nollywood in the motion picture Boy’s Cot, where she featured nearby famous stars, for example, Nonso Diobi, Uche Jombo, Jim Iyke and Mike Ezuruonye. She has from that point forward more than fifty movies surprisingly, huge numbers of which she thought of herself. 

As a screenwriter she has composed and co-composed a few movies, some of which include: Matters Arising, Heart of a Fighter, Ladies Men, Sincerity, First Class, Over the Edge. Ruth proceeded to deliver movies, for example, Matters Arising, Over the Edge, Somebody Lied and her most recent work Memory Lane which manages the issue of falsehoods and double dealing. 

Ruth is likewise a giver. She propelled her own establishment called Ruth Kadiri Kids with a point of helping the underprivileged youngsters to accomplish their objectives and dreams through money-related gifts and rousing addresses. 

Ruth Kadiri Photo 

Ruth Kadiri Family 

The actress is from Edo State. She is the principal child in her family and has a more youthful sister. As per one of her meetings, she used to live with her mom and sister, while her dad lived outside Nigeria. 

Ruth Kadiri Married 

In a meeting, Ruth Kadiri uncovered that she has no power over when she would meet the correct individual or get hitched yet, would love to bring a family up in the correct way. She stated, “There are sure things we don’t have command over and finding the correct accomplice is one of them. You don’t choose when you locate the perfect individual, so wherever you end up at whatever point throughout everyday life, it’s essential to be upbeat at that stage.” 
“Obviously I wanna have children, I wanna have a family and I wanna do it right, so as an individual, I’m setting myself up for that stage for when it, in the end, comes yet for the time being I’m simply buckling down and endeavoring to be upbeat.” 

Ruth Kadiri Husband 

She purportedly has a beau, a prominent hurray kid who carries among Nigeria and London. He is hitched and has children in London and his significant other is completely mindful of the association with the actress. 
At a certain point, she dated Nollywood actor Stanley Ebonine, however the two before long floated separated. The Nigerian performing artist got connected with to her long time darling after he popped the inquiry at their Christmas supper date in Sweden in 2017. The film star took to her gram to report the blissful greetings. 

Ruth Kadiri Movies

Ruth isn’t just a performing artist, yet additionally a maker and screenwriter. she has composed, delivered and featured in numerous motion pictures. Here are only a couple of her most conspicuous works:

Breath of Love
Change of Ownership
Deceptive Heart
Heart of a Fighter
Honeymoon guys
Internet Hustlers
Ladies Gang
Limpopo Chicks
Mad Couple
Matters Arising
Mercy the Bus Driver
Negative Influence
Over the Edge
Somebody Lied
Stolen Lives
The Patient Girl
War for Limpopo
Yankee Students
Ruth Kadiri Video

Ruth Kadiri Interview

Source: Punch Nigeria

Has it always been your dream to become an actress?

Ruth Kadiri: My passion for acting started in the church, and that is why I see my career as an obligation to God. I started writing in my secondary school days before I began to attend auditions for movie roles. I can still remember my first audition; it was at the Wale Adenuga Studios where I later met a friend, Victor Eze, who had a writing school. I attended his school and graduated. I wrote my first script, ‘Wild and Dirty,’ and after that I continued to write some more till I started getting roles in movies that adapted my own scripts. That was how acting started for me. I had my first major breakthrough when I starred in, ‘Boy’s Cot,’ which featured acts like Jim Iyke, Nonso Diobi, Mike Ezerouye and Uche Jombo. It was a very great start for me and since then, I have never looked back.

What were some of the challenges you faced while building your career?

Ruth Kadiri: Like every other profession, starting up always has its challenges. However, I was determined and focused. For me, it was simply about making it in life and being successful. So I had to cross every obstacle that came my way with my head high. Thank God I passed through all the challenges and I proved to myself that I deserve to be successful.

Has your career influenced your style?

Ruth Kadiri: Definitely, I would say yes. My career, to a large extent, has influenced my style. Although my present style has always been what I rock, being a role model definitely also has a part to play in it. I cannot attempt to try some styles because I consider what people would think of me as a role model. Constantly being in the public glare does not leave room to be daring when it comes to fashion.

Thinking back, how would you describe your childhood?

Ruth Kadiri: I grew up like every normal kid; though far from being born with a silver spoon. While growing up, my greatest asset was hope. I learnt things the hard way as a child, having great and early experiences, giving clearer understanding of the struggles one has to go through as a child hoping to become someone in life, a lot of obstacles, discriminations, and rejections, high shouldered responsibilities but I thank God for what I am today and what the future holds, all challenges I faced, helped me become the person I am today.
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ChaCha Eke Biography – Husband, Pictures, Family, Wedding, Age, Movies, Career

ChaCha Eke Biography – Husband, Pictures, Family, Wedding, Age, Movies, Career

ChaCha Eke whose full name is ChaCha Eke Faani is a Nollywood talented actress, Director, Producer, and a model hails from Ebonyi State in the eastern part of Nigeria. She was born on 1st May 1993. And she is a daughter of Professor John Eke. ChaCha Eke is a Delta state Based actress who raised to fame in 2012 when she featured in the movie titled “The End is near”.
ChaCha Eke came from a middle-class family, she completed her nursery and primary school education in ESUT Nursery and primary school situated in Ebonyi State. She later finished her secondary school in Our Lord Shepherd International School, Enugu. After her secondary school, ChaCha Eke later acquired BSc in accountancy from Ebonyi State University. 

ChaCha Eke & Family
She joined Nollywood and started her acting career on November 2009 through the platform of Miss Nollywood Talent Hunt/Pageantry which she appeared as one of the contestants. This talented model has featured in so many movies and has featured some big actors and actresses in a movie. She joined scriptwriting job in Delta state on June 1st, 2013.
ChaCha Eke Baby Kamara
ChaCha Eke knows how to interpret her roles and she is versatile in all aspect of acting. Austin Faani also helped and carried her along to the recognition of producers and directors of Nigerian Nollywood. ChaCha Got married to Austin Faani Ikechukwu Nollywood director and editor and God blessed them with two girls namely Kamara Faani and Kaira Faani.
Here are the questions which her fans do ask…
Chacha eke husband? ChaCha Huband is Austin Faani.
Austin Faani chacha eke? is the Husband of Nollywood actress ChaCha Eke.
Chacha eke age? She was born on 1st May 1993.
Chacha eke is from which state? She is from Ebonyi State.

The End is Near
Commander in Chief
Clap of Thunder
Two Hearts
Beach 24
Gift of Pain
A Cry for Justice
Jewels of the Sun
Bloody Carnival
Dance For The Prince
Mirror of Life
Innocent Pain
Bridge of Contract
Palace of Sorrow
Secret Assassins
Royal Assassins
The Promise
Valley of Tears
Village Love
Weeping Angel
Rosa my Village Love
My Rising Sun
My Sweet Love
Secret Palace Mission
Stubborn Beans
Bitter Heart
Shame to Bad People
The beauty of the gods
Pure Heart
Rope of Blood
Hand of Destiny
Sound of Ikoro
Bread of Sorrow
Basket of Sorrow
Festival of Sorrow
Kamsi the Freedom Fighter
Pot of Riches
Girls at War
Crossing the Battle Line
Money Works With Blood
Happy Never After
Who Took My Husband
Roasted Alive
Song of Love
Royal First lady
Beyond Beauty
After the Altar
Bloody Campus
Princess’s Revenge

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Destiny Etiko Biography – Husband, Parents, Date of birth, Movie, Pictures

Destiny Etiko Biography – Husband, Parents, Date of birth, Movie, Pictures

Destiny Etiko Biography

Destiny Etiko is an actress, Scriptwriter, TV personality and a model.She was Born on August 12, 1994. And her Birth sign is LEO The young actress hails from Enugu State from Udi Local Government precisely…Destiny Etiko joined Nigerian Nollywood industry in 2012, where she passed the due procedures by registering with the AGN (Actors Guide of Nigeria) Enugu Branch. She attended many auditions.
Destiny Etiko & BabaRex
She grew up in Enugu State where she was trained for her primary and Secondary Education before moving to Anambra state to complete her Tertiary Education. Destiny etiko saw her limelight after she featured in Ernest Obi mindset blockbuster movie titled “Idemili” a movie directed by Ernest Obi and produced by Onye-Eze Productions.



She was nominated in 2014 for Best Promising Actress in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Award. This young lady can act in Igbo and English, she is versatile and has created a good niche for her self that got her attracted to movie producers and directors in Nollywood…

Some people are asking some questions about this young celebrity Destiny Etiko and below are the questions asked by her lovely fans

Destiny etiko husband? She is not married yet… she is still single.

Destiny etiko date of birth? She was born on August 12, 1994.

Destiny etiko boyfriend? she didn’t disclose her relationship secrets to anyone.

Is Destiny Etiko married? She is still single.

Destiny etiko pictures? Goto, her Instagram handle and watch as many as you want. @destinyetikoofficial

Destiny etiko mother? Her mother’s name is Eucharia Etiko…

Below is the interview she made with Vanguard News in 2015…

Tell us about you?
My name is Etiko Destiny. I’m from Enugu State, Udi precisely. I had my primary and secondary education in Enugu, while my tertiary education was in Anambra State. I got into the movie industry in 2011. It wasn’t easy then because I had to grapple with school and my acting career. I graduated from the school in 2012 and I’m doing my youth service at the moment.
I did a movie in 2012, though it was released in 2014 titled Idemili, produced by Ernest Obi and shot in Enugu. The movie gave me a nomination at the City People Awards and it brought me into the limelight.
So far, how many movies have you done?
Before Idemili, I had done some minor roles in movies like Airline Babes. But after Idemili, I’ve done so many good jobs. Four of the movies where I played a sub-lead role recently came out, namely Black Xmas, After Wawa, More Trouble and School Trouble, etc. and others that are yet to be released.
Destiny Etiko & Zubby Michael
In a recent interview you granted, you said your dad was against your becoming an actress….?
My mum was actually acting when I was younger. So what I meant was that my mum loved acting and wanted to take it up as a career and my father agreed initially. But later on, acting started taking most of her time as it is very demanding. My dad then told her that it was better for her to quit and concentrate on her family and business. Those days, I used to go with my mum to movie locations. My father asked my mum to quit acting because it wasn’t giving her time to perform her duties as a mother. So, when I wanted to venture into acting, my dad told me that since I’m a woman who would get married someday, acting will not give me time for my family the same way it did my mum. So, I explained to my dad that I’m still young and unmarried when I get to that bridge, I would cross it. So at the end of the day, he accepted.
So what if you fall in love right now with a man who wants to get married to you by next year, how would it affect your acting career?
Before I started acting, I’ve always said I will never work for anyone, but rather be independent doing my own thing. I read marketing. Acting is something I love and I’m passionate about. So whoever I’m falling in love with or having a relationship with should understand that I love acting and that I’ve been doing it before we met.
Does it mean you can’t quit acting for any man?
I’ll have to look for an understanding man. Probably, there has to be an understanding that there are some roles I shouldn’t do, like smooching, kissing, caressing and all. I would agree to that because I love him and want to keep him. He shouldn’t stop me from doing what makes me happy. Most people who are married and still into acting are not doing it for the money, but because of the love and passion, they have for it. So, the man has to understand, I can’t ask him to quit his job.
Has your mother ever told you that she regretted leaving acting?
As a matter of fact, she once said she isn’t happy she left. But she had to do it for the peace of her home and so she supports me completely in what I’m doing.  
Has she ever told you she misses acting?
Of course, she has.
What has been your experience as regards sexual harassment in the industry?
Sexual harassment is everywhere, not just in Nollywood and I won’t lie to you that I’ve never experienced it, because I have. There are people who would want to deprive you of the role given to you because you didn’t sleep with them. Some will even sleep with you and still not give you the role. So, it is left for you to know yourself and know your job. If you can act well, your blessing will locate you. If you want to sleep around, it is your choice but it cannot guarantee your getting roles often. So many girls who have succumbed to such harassment have come to regret it.
Destiny Etiko & Joyce Kalu
Don’t you think that being localised in the eastern part of the country limits your scope?
Not at all, apart from doing movies in Enugu, Asaba, and Owerri, I’ve done movies in Lagos and Benin. The truth is most movies are shot in Enugu. Most big marketers and producers come from Lagos to Enugu and Asaba to do movies. 
What kind of roles do you have an affinity for?
As an actress, you have to be versatile. You don’t have to be stereotyped and that’s what makes you an actress. I can’t say this is exactly what I love doing, I do all sorts. In all modesty, the roles I’ve done so far; village girl role, glamourous girl or the usual everyday girl, I think I did them well. Personally, I know when I’ve done something well and when I’ve messed up.
Has there ever been a role you feel you didn’t do well?
There was this movie I did in 2011 and that was my first time acting with Mercy Johnson. I was given four scenes to do with her. Tchidi Chikere was the director of the movie. It’s not really as if I didn’t do well, but I lacked complete confidence because I was a beginner. But everything in life takes a gradual process and you get better by the day.
As an upcoming actress, is there a role you wouldn’t do?
I don’t think so. Like in Idemili, I carried a life python. In another movie, I played a tomboy. There’s really no role I won’t take up. It might not be completely perfect, but I will do it.
What has been your experience with men, within and outside the industry?
The normal thing is, as a good-looking, promising young lady, you’d surely have a lot of toasters around.
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